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An Eclipse! An Eclipse!

Daphne is still asking Matt if he can hear her, so either she's gone simple or they're in a part of the show where time doesn't move. Matt sees jumbled images from Angela's last scary vision, and then he's sitting in that same hallway. When he gets to his feet, he sees Angela waaay down the hall, and the way the shot is framed makes you think she's going to tell Matt to come play with her, forever and ever and ever, but she simply shows him that her wrists are chained to the chair she's sitting in. Cut to him trying to get them loose as she says he shouldn't have come, because Arthur's too dangerous. "Even if you get them off, Arthur's locked all the doors." We then see Matt trying to open them, to no avail, until he tries two at the end of the hall that are unlocked. Daphne then appears, and this whole scene is shot from creepy angles like the hallucination it is, so it's no surprise that after they hug, Daphne stabs him in the gut with a big knife. In the real world, Matt starts to sputter in shock, and Daphne sees that he's bleeding from his stomach. She urgently tells him to wake up, but he looks both comatose and ready to expire. With one act to go, I think we have something in common.

Daphne shifts tacks, telling Matt he has to take her in there with him, and after a moment, she gasps...

...and is in the dream state with him. She tells Matt they need to go, but thinking she's her evil doppelganger, he recoils and tells her to get away. Dream Daphne appears to them, though, urging him not to trust the real Daphne, and then Arthur is there, telling him that a woman will betray him at every turn. Unlike you, who were merely going to KILL YOUR SON. Arthur adds that he knew where Matt was because Daphne told him, and she betrayed Matt, like Angela betrayed him. Daphne babbles that she was afraid, and didn't want to go back to her crackwhoring ways or whatever, but says she didn't know how much she'd care about him...

...and back in the room, she's telling Matt that he has to wake up or he'll die. So she can be in the dream and still be awake, while Matt is catatonic? Seriously, show, what the shit?

In the dream, Daphne tells Matt that she can't lose him -- she loves him. They embrace tenderly, and it's a nice moment but don't you think you should test-drive each other first? Actually, even though this has a rushed feel to it, I'm inclined to allow it. Seeing their affection, Angela tells Arthur that they were once like that...

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