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An Eclipse! An Eclipse!

...and then they're all in her office, as she continues that he loved her, and there's a part of him that still does, so now he's going to let her go. After she repeats her declaration, Arthur gets a resigned look on his face, and the handcuffs clatter to the floor...

...and back in the room, everyone regains consciousness and Matt's stomach is fine. He asks Daphne if that was really her in there, and she acknowledges that and affirms what she told him in the dream. Angela's voice wearily cuts in, and Matt goes to get a doctor...

...but out in the hall, he and Daphne run into the just-arriving Peter and Claire, and Matt, still miffed about having to follow a turtle around the desert, throws Peter against the wall as Claire tries to intervene. Peter tells Matt that it wasn't him, and Matt confirms this with a little mind mojo. Claire asks Matt where Angela is, and Matt's response is that she's awake. Claire does not point out that that's not what she asked, which makes me wonder if she's secretly no longer a teenager. That would make a certain relationship slightly more palatable, I'll admit.

Mohinder has inflicted more torture on this poor Morlock, and when he apologizes, the guy begs Mohinder to kill him. Mohinder silently injects him with something, so I'm guessing he's acceding to the request. Usually the acting would give me a clue, but...well, you know.

Okay, so now there's a comic book called 9th Wonders that you can buy in any store and predicts the future, and Ando totally breezily tells Hiro about it like it's the best-known thing ever, like, seriously, fuck off, show. I'm trying not to be overly negative, but this is just bullshit. Anyway, there's an eclipse coming, like, you don't say.

Back at Primatech, Nathan shows up, and he and everyone else listen as Angela tells them that Arthur has two pieces to the formula, and she and Peter have both seen the future and it sucks ass. Matt pipes up his confirmation of that assessment, and Angela goes on to tell them about a third piece -- the catalyst Mohinder theorized about earlier. She says that Kaito was the only one who knew the identity of the host, but as we look at the understanding on Claire's face, we can of course recall that Kaito was the one who personally gave her to Bennet to raise. Claire tells them about what Sylar told her when he attacked her -- that she was different from everyone else. "I didn't understand what that meant until today. I think I'm the catalyst." Dramatic drumming kicks up...

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