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Note to New York: Watch out for the guy with the glowing hands and the crazy eyes.

"You'll never see him again," says Linderman. "How's that?" says D.L. "Jessica's gonna kill you for me," says Linderman. Jessica gets this look on her face like, "Ooooh, I get to kill someone again?" Linderman points her to a bag on the floor. She grabs it, but he walks over and takes it from her, spilling its contents onto an ottoman. It's full of money. Jessica's intrigued. D.L.'s like, "Bitch, you can't tell me you're listening to this shit!" "Of course she is," says Linderman smoothly. "Like most women whose lives have been ruined by men, all Jessica wants is security, and money buys that. Money's all she's ever really cared about." D.L. argues that she cares about their son. Linderman offers her twenty million to kill her husband and walk away. She stands up.

"He's right, D.L.," she says with a smile. "I wanna take the money. I really do. I would even kill you for it. But Niki wouldn't." She closes her eyes and inhales deeply and when she opens her eyes, she's Niki again. She runs to her husband and they embrace. "You don't love him," says Linderman. "Everything I've done," says Niki, sounding a bit like Jessica, "I've done for them." Linderman gets this pissed look on his face and whips out a gun and points it at her, but D.L. jumps in front of her, so Linderman winds up shooting him instead. Gah! Linderman steps past D.L.'s fallen body and tells Niki that she should've taken the money. Then D.L.'s arm appears out of nowhere and his hand goes through Linderman's head and he squeezes Linderman's brain and Linderman gets blood in his eyes and then he goes down for the count and EWWWWWW!

D.L. drops to his knees and Niki runs over to him, catching him as he falls to the floor. He says that it doesn't matter what Linderman said, their getting together in the first place was completely real. "Jessica wasn't the strong one," he says. "It was you." She holds him, but doesn't seem to know what to do. Cut to Nathan and Heidi, heading out for his acceptance speech. She wants to get out of the chair, but he won't let her because people don't believe in miracles. He says they'll tell people when the time is right. Bad Company's "All Right Now" is playing over the loudspeakers, which is actually kind of hilarious. Mama Petrelli nods at her son and he wheels his wife up the ramp and onto the stage. He hugs his family and steps up to the podium.

He thanks everyone for their support and says he's sorry Peter couldn't be there. While he talks about his brother, we see Peter and Claire running back to their rental car and looking at each other with fear in their eyes. Nathan says that his father used to tell him that we have a responsibility to use what God gave us and to help people and make a difference. We see Hiro run out of the Ancient Samurai Sword Repair Shop in search of Ando. Nathan says his father always made the hard choices for the greater good. Nathan says he believes in this too and that our children deserve that. We see Micah staring out the window while Candice drops her face into a bag of potato chips in the background.

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