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Note to New York: Watch out for the guy with the glowing hands and the crazy eyes.

Nathan goes on to say that children should have a future where they don't have to face their fears alone. We see Ando, setting off to kill Sylar, with nothing but a sword and The Last Comic. Nathan challenges everyone in the room to inspire by example. We see Ted being zipped into a body bag as Audrey watches with a grim expression. "The world is sick," says Nathan, "and spinning out of control. But we can help. With our help, it can heal. With our love, with our compassion, and with our strength, we can heal it." We see Niki holding a passed-out D.L. as she cries. Nathan wants us to put aside our differences. Mohinder and Bennet want to continue point guns in various directions around Molly's room. Nathan says we should embrace our common goals and "do it" for our children. Clearly, Molly is not included in those "children." "Let's show them all exactly what we're capable of," says Nathan, finishing his speech. Balloons and confetti rain down on them as everyone smiles at the brightness of their future.

Cut to Sylar, who's standing on the edge of a rooftop, playing with fire. He has it under control as he opens one hand and then another, watching the soft orange glow envelope his skin. He looks out over the city and gets an evil glint in his eyes.

"Boom," is all he says.

And it's enough.

Next on Heroes: It's the end, people. It's the end.

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