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Note to New York: Watch out for the guy with the glowing hands and the crazy eyes.

Elsewhere in New York, the Triumphant Trio of Peter, Claire, and Ted is making their way to a car rental office so that they can drive RadioacTed to the safety of Nebraska. Claire quips that after they save the world, she's going to go on patrol and dodge bullets for a living. Heh. She'd make a great cop, actually. "Stop or I'll shoot!" "BAM!" "Dude. What'd I SAY about the stopping? I believe you dropped this bullet. YOU DROPPED IT IN MY SOLAR PLEXUS. Now drop your weapon and put your hands behind your back, meat!" Hee. She jokes that she could go freelance and just pull people out of burning buildings. "You're not gonna catch me wearing a cape," says Peter, joining in on the fun. "Zipping around with my underwear outside my pants." Hee. Also? Milo Ventimiglia just said "underwear." I might have to go lie down.

Ted seems to be enjoying this entire exchange because he's grinning like a maniac. They all seem to be having fun, actually. "Why do we have to rent a car?" asks Claire. "Can't we just fly to Nebraska?" Peter shoots her a look. "In a plane," she clarifies. Hee. Peter has this awesome smirk on his face as Ted explains that the FBI has pictures of him all over the place because he's a wanted man. Suddenly, the good times are over as Peter overhears Sylar's thoughts. He hears that Sylar wants to use Ted's fugitive status to gain his powers. The camera swirls around and around, making me totally dizzy, as Peter tells them that Sylar's there, he's watching them, and he knows what Ted can do. "We'd better get off the streets!" he says. They all scramble into a building as Ted asks, "Who's Sylar?" Cut to Sylar, who's standing several feet away, enjoying a nice cup of fro-yo. Awesome. Also awesome is Sylar's new serial-killing-superhero hairdo. It's all spiky and edgy and hot. Do you think we'd dig Sylar as much if Zachary Quinto weren't seriously sexy? Like if, say, Philip Seymour Hoffman were playing him instead? That would be one ooky Sylar, y'all.

Back with Hiro and Ando, they're almost to the Ancient Sword Repair Shop when Hiro sees Nathan across the way, exiting a poll location. He of course runs right over and starts shouting, "Frying Man!" at the top of his lungs because he's a goddamned animé character who doesn't have the sense God gave a fruit basket. Nathan's right-hand-man is musing that it would've been nice if Heidi had been there for the photo op, but Nathan informs him that she had to stay home today. Then he says that she's not just fine, she's better than fine and they'll make an special announcement after the election. The right-hand-man is like, "What the hell are you talking about, circus freak?" Nathan says something about how miracles are happening all over the place, and I'm thinking maybe he should just keep his trap shut on that shit because the average voting public ain't really interested in stuff that can only be explained by raising one's eyes to heaven and praising Jesus, you know?

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