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Note to New York: Watch out for the guy with the glowing hands and the crazy eyes.

They enter the booth and Candice morphs back to her cute form. She tells Micah to make the voting computer vote for Nathan Petrelli. And he should do the same for all the other voting computers in the room. He puts his hand on the screen and the computer immediately starts selecting Nathan's name over and over again. Candice says they just have to go to the rest of the poll sites and do the same thing. Micah informs her that they won't have to because the computer is telling him that they're all networked, so he can control the voting from here. "How many votes does your boss want him to win by?" he asks politely. "Make it a landslide," says Candice with a smile. So Micah turns to the computer and looks at it intently for a minute. The computer blips and bleeps and does some stuff and then Micah suddenly looks pained and pulls away from the screen. "Can I go home now?" he asks, breathing heavily.

Nathan's Election Headquarters. He enters his office, tugging at his tie, looking exhausted. He turns on the TV and watches the results. He's still low in the polls. "Sorry to interrupt your big day," says Jessica, appearing out of nowhere. D.L. is right beside her. Nathan's surprised to see her; after she tipped him off about Linderman, he thought she'd be dead. Jessica comments that she thought he'd have shot Linderman by now, but apparently, Linderman made him an offer he couldn't refuse. D.L. steps up and demands to know where Linderman is and Nathan's like, "Uh, and YOU are?"

D.L. and Jessica bring Nathan up to speed about Micah's kidnapping and how it has something to do with the election. Nathan's like, "Hey, now, kidnapping is a serious charge there! You got proof?" Jessica's like, "Cut the crap, hot stuff. You hate that bastard as much as we do and you were gonna kill him, so why not let us finish the job?" Nathan's like, "Your idea…it sounds…intriguing. Also? You're hot." D.L. is like, "Dude. Don't trust Linderman. He's a dog, dog." There's an explosion of applause on the TV and they all turn to look. Nathan has won by a landslide. Now that Nathan has safely won the election, he considers their plan to kill Linderman and says that if he tells them where to find the guy, they'd better make sure Linderman won't come after them. "He took my son," says D.L. "He's gonna pay for that in full." Jessica just smiles at Nathan and the expression on his face is like, "Yeah, D.L.'s all angry and shit, but SHE'S the one who scares me."

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