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The present-day Hiro is hiding in the back with Samuel, who's watching everything with interest. Hiro is quizzing him on whether he's a time traveler, too, and if he's following him. Samuel says the question is what is Hiro doing here. He says he's here to save Charlie, and Samuel wonders why. Hiro reminds Samuel that he's the one who told him to right the wrongs of his life by stepping on the right butterflies. And Charlie? She's the biggest butterfly. She's Mothra! Except that I thought we determined the first time that this wasn't a wrong Hiro caused and that he couldn't stop it, no matter what? Otherwise, wouldn't he have gone back and done this before? Samuel says he's trying to protect Hiro, because this isn't a spilled slushy. This is something more, and everyone was on a particular path. He has him look at his past self so he gets it. He says Sylar, Peter, and Claire were all on their particular paths, too. Samuel tells him that one wrong move can change everything, and wonders if Charlie's actually worth that. Hiro says she is, and turns around to find her gone. Sylar's gone too.

In the back room, Charlie's opening her giant jar of fruit salad. Sylar's hiding behind a shelf but she doesn't see him. He raises his finger to start the head cutting when time freezes. Hiro comes in and looks at frozen Charlie, then turns and looks at frozen Sylar, exasperated. After a break for commercials, Hiro's wheeling frozen Sylar out past frozen everyone else on a dolly. He actually has Sylar duct-taped to it, so he did some quick work during our commercial break. It's still funny to watch Hiro do this. Hiro puts Sylar into the cargo hold of a bus as he tells him he has to stay on his path and Peter has to stop him to make everything in the future stay normal. So he'll just leave him here. We get a funny shot of Sylar's frozen head in with suitcases, but you can't help but wonder how long it will take a guy with Sylar's abilities to get out of this bind once Hiro restarts time. Inside, Hiro's nervous and checks himself out in the mirror to make sure he looks presentable for the love of his life before restarting time so she can see him. He gives himself a little pep talk, in which he tells himself in Japanese not to be nervous since he's going to be "awesome-charming-super-cool." Hee. I miss this Hiro, who's still sort of silly but not just a total waste of time and space (ironic, since he's supposedly the master of those things). As he goes to restart time, he reminds himself that if Charlie doesn't die, he doesn't go back to save her, and they don't fall in love. "Great-oh Scott." He runs out to see Ando sitting alone, and then he sees Charlie's birthday photo without him in it. He looks at Samuel.

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