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Burnt Toast Diner. Hiro comes out of the bathroom and touches his head so we don't forget he has a painful tumor. Samuel asks him if everything's okay, and Hiro actually replies, "A-OK, Cowboy." Then Samuel asks him why he looks like the cat who ate the canary. (What is with all of the stupid sayings?) Hiro shows him the birthday picture and says he did it! "No kablooey!" Samuel says he's getting why Hiro's going to all this trouble, and then reminds him he should probably fill Ando in since he sent past Hiro away. Hiro sits down with Ando and tells him he's "Future Hiro." Ando wonders about the sword, and Hiro's like, "Enough with the sword!" (I think they're talking to fans who have been wondering when we'd get that non-accented Samurai Hiro.) He tells Ando that past Hiro's six months in the past but will be here soon, and Ando needs to wait for him. He says he will. Hiro goes to the back room to talk to Charlie, who greets him warmly. They hug, and she says he's acting like he hasn't seen her in forever. He tells her to pick a place and they'll go there. Her trip around the world starts today. He doesn't want to spend another minute apart from her. He asks where they're going. She laughs, and then decides Otsu, Japan, since that's where Takezo Kinsei was born. She spouts a bunch of her Wikipedia brain facts at him and then sort of freezes muttering them. Hiro yells, "Charlie," and she snaps out of it. She wonders what she was saying and starts to fall. She explains in more Wikipedia terms what's going on: Her aneurysm is rupturing, and she's dying. He tells her not yet.

He arrives back at the Greyhound station where he left Sylar and opens up the cargo hold. Surprisingly, Sylar's not in there anymore. But he pushes Hiro up against the bus and steps into the background, taking us to commercial. When we're back, Sylar asks who Hiro is and what he did to him. Hiro says he heard Sylar say he can fix things that are broken, and he needs her to fix Charlie. Hiro says Charlie's dying, and Sylar says Hiro's dying first. Hiro freezes time and moves away, then unfreezes it and tells Sylar he can't kill him, "brain man." He gives chase and Sylar follows him. They stand in an alley, all Western face-off, and Sylar lifts his hand again to take Hiro's power, but Hiro freezes time again and moves behind Sylar before unfreezing. He does it again and when he unfreezes, he tells Sylar that if he kills him, he'll never learn about his own future: his life and death. Sylar says he knows he's lying now, since he's about to get Claire's power of invincibility/immortality (which is it, anyway?). Hiro says he'll tell him everything he knows if he'll help him save Charlie. Sylar notices Hiro's tumor. Then some cheerleaders run by behind them.

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