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Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve...

At any rate, he doesn't get a chance to rape Claire, because she manages to get her knee up and give him a hefty kick. He falls off her and she tries to run away, only to have him get up and grab her and slam her against the chain link fence. She falls and is immediately silent. That can't be good. Jock the Rapist goes to her and calls her name, but she doesn't answer. He tries to pull her up, but there's this sticky sound and a branch breaks and it would appear that Claire has a big twig stuck into her head. Don't worry. She's indestructible. That'll probably just give her a headache.

Jesus. We're back with Niki and Micah. I'm sorry. I'm so bored with her storyline right now. Like, figure out what the hell your mirror-ganger is already! Actually, I want EVERYONE to figure out their damn powers already. Get on board with Hiro, okay? I'm tired of Nathan fighting his, I want Peter to stop whinging about how his doesn't always work, I want Isaac to stop taking smack to see the future, I want Claire to own up to hers and start kicking some ass, and I want Matt to start doing shows in Vegas because that shit makes money, yo. I realize it's only three episodes in, but if some serious shit doesn't start happening soon, I'm going to ride a pogo stick to Tim Kring's office in L.A. and drive it right up his butt.


Niki says to Micah that he hasn't spoken during the entire drive and asks him if he's hungry. When he doesn't answer, she tries bribing him with ice cream, but Micah's just had a front row seat to The Grandma and Mommy Hate Each Other Show, so he's not really taking the bait. He asks her why she doesn't believe that daddy's innocent. She says that she knows he wants to believe in his dad, but she knows what's best. "They're gonna catch him and he's gonna go away for a long time." "They'll never find him," says Micah with a chortle and quite a bit of confidence. Niki's all, uh, how the hell do you know that? Do you know where your father is? Before he can answer, sirens can be heard from behind the car. Niki pulls over. The cop walks up and tells her that Mr. Linderman wants to see her. Oh, shit. "I'm with my son," says Niki under her breath. The cop doesn't care and just opens her car door. They both exit.

Petrelli's Party for Overly Ambitious Assholes. Everyone's having a grand old time at the fundraiser. Even Peter, who seems to have gotten his hands on a nice suit, a quart of hair gel, and a vat of vodka. Speaking of which... Peter runs into Simone, although what the fuck she's doing there, I don't know. She's neither a politician nor a person who gives money to politicians. She wears the hell out of a red dress, though. Peter holds up his glass and says, "To destiny. May we recognize it when we see it." Simone holds her glass up in kind and says, "To love. May we stay away from it when it's no good for us." Now that's a toast I can get behind. Cheers, everybody!

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