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Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve...

They clink glasses and sip and then Simone says that she's noticed a change in Peter. "It's like... a look in your eye," she says. "A confidence." Peter bites his lip and says there's something he should tell her. "Something I didn't think was right to say when I was still working with your father. Something I wouldn't even have told you two days ago." Simone smiles at him. "I've been in love with you since the moment I first laid eyes on you," he says. Before Simone can respond or Peter can elaborate, Nathan the Interrupting Jackass gets on the microphone to bring the evening to a crashing end. He apologizes for the rain outside and promises that, if he's elected, he'll try and do something about that. Don't joke about shit like that, Nathan; you can fly -- what's to say you can't make a few storm clouds go away too? Simone, by the way, doesn't look displeased by Peter's announcement; rather, she looks kind of flattered and bemused. Peter, meanwhile, looks a bit uncomfortable and keeps checking back to see if she's run for the hills yet. Buck up, little soldier! You're hot! She's hot! It'll all work out for the best, I swear. Or Nathan will just announce that you didn't fly the other day but you were attempting to commit suicide because you're suffering from depression. That could happen too.

Before Nathan gets to humiliate his brother, though, he has to mention that his "brave wife" would be here if she could, but she can't. She's totally in a wheelchair, y'all. Or she's being kept in a coma to keep Nathan's flying secret from hitting the presses. Nathan says that his father's death is what prompted him to run for Congress and that Papa Petrelli hid a deep depression up until the day he died. You can see where this is going, can't you? "As many of you may have read, my brother Peter had an accident," says Nathan as Peter looks up at him with a warning in his eyes. "What I have kept from the press thus far is that Peter barely survived a suicide attempt." Oh no he didn't! Mama Petrelli looks back at Peter, and I can't tell if she looks like she knew about this or if it's a complete surprise. She looks concerned for Peter, but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not she's a bad guy. Nathan goes on to say that he wanted to keep Peter's illness hidden, but "no one should suffer alone." I have to say that Mama Petrelli looks awfully proud of Nathan here. "Because we are all connected somehow," says Nathan. "Everyone in this room." Peter finally leaves as Simone looks after him.

Los Angeles Airport. Hiro is repeating "Nissan Versa" at a car rental counterperson over and over again. She says it's a popular car choice and she'll go check to see if there are any left. Ando says they have a connecting flight for New York, so why the hell are they renting a car? Hiro says they're not flying; the comic book has them renting a Nissan Versa and driving all the way. Luckily, the counterperson has one last Nissan Versa in the lot. Imagine that. Hiro holds up the keys with a serious expression and says, "It's our destiny." Once in the car, Ando holds up his video iPod and watches his Niki video for a second. I really don't know why he's so obsessed with her; she's not even naked or doing naughty things to a donkey. Ando asks where they're going; after consulting the comic book, Hiro says, "Las Vegas." Now it's Ando's turn to say, "It's our destiny." He's VERY excited about going to Las Vegas. Well, who wouldn't be? I had Elvis tattooed on my ass in Vegas right before I got married to Beavis. Or was it Butthead?

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