One Giant Leap

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Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve...

While Shankar sings across the soundtrack, we see Isaac in his studio, looking through his sketchbook. There are lots of drawings of Simone. Simone catches up with Peter in the rain and he explains that what Nathan said isn't true; he didn't try to kill himself. She says she knows. And then they kiss. And lo, it is very hot indeed. Isaac keeps leafing through his sketchbook and comes upon a picture of Peter and Simone kissing beneath a red umbrella in the rain. He looks over at his heroin gear. "This force, evolution," says Suresh, "is not sentimental." We see Claire's face, her eyes filmed over, her skin the color of ash. A coroner's glove-clad hand pulls what looks like a chicken foot out of Claire's skull. Suresh: "Like the earth itself, it knows only the hard facts of life's struggles with death." The corner drops the chicken-foot branch into a steel bowl. "All you can do is hope and trust," continues Suresh as the film disappears from Claire's eyes and her skin tone returns to normal. She gasps and starts coughing. "And when you've served its needs faithfully, there may still remain some glimmer... " Claire looks down at herself and sees that her chest has been completely flayed open and her ribs and internal organs are exposed. "... of the life you once knew." Claire looks over to her left and sees all the autopsy instruments and says, "Holy sh--"

And... scene.

Holy shit indeed.

Next on Heroes: Matt has to take his shirt off so Bad Glasses Man can perform some Inappropriate Touching on him, Claire takes revenge on Jock the Rapist, Mohinder and Peter meet, Niki and Nathan meet, and Hiro uses his good for the evils of gambling.

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