One Giant Leap

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Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve...

Isaac yells at her that every one of his paintings has come true. "Oh!" scoffs Simone. "And does that include this big one on the floor of New York going nuclear?" Isaac says it does; he doesn't know how or when, but he has to stop it. He takes her head in his hands and says he doesn't want to lose her. "But if you don't believe in me, then you shouldn't be here." She looks like she's on the verge of giving in, but finally, she just looks at him sadly. He backs away, realizing that she doesn't believe in him at all. "Fine," she says. "You believe you can paint the future? Paint one without me in it." She slinks off. Isaac's phone rings and he picks up. It's Hiro, hollering at him in Japanese. "Stop calling me here!" says Isaac. "You've got the wrong number!" He hangs up and we switch to Hiro, furiously redialing Isaac on his cell phone.

Ando wants to know who Hiro keeps calling and he says it's the author, but he keeps hanging up on him! Ando's like, uh duh, crazy man. Hiro stops suddenly and Ando bangs into him all Keystone Kop-like and Hiro says that this is the spot they need to be in to save the girl. He looks in the comic and we see them standing in that exact same spot and Hiro explains that a little girl steps out in front of a speeding train and they have to save her. "What schoolgirl?" asks Ando. Just then, about a billion little schoolgirls, all dressed alike, invade the square. Hiro notices that the girl in the book has a red bow, so they split up to look for a girl with a red bow.

Seconds pass, but no little girl appears. A truck approaches, and Hiro looks up to see a little girl with a red bow walking directly in front of it. He hollers at Ando to stop the truck and Ando runs toward it, only to have the truck swerve completely out of the way... and directly toward the little girl. So, essentially, Hiro actually PLACED the girl in danger instead of saving her. Ando calls out to the girl, she turns and sees the truck, and Hiro shuts his eyes. And time stops. You heard me. Stops. Little girl jumping rope? Stopped in mid-jump. Some man running? Leg up in the air. Little girl about to get hit by truck? Just sitting there, as if someone hit the pause button. It's a really cool effect, by the way, and I'm not entirely sure how they did it. Which, to tell you the truth, I am totally digging right now.

Hiro runs over and shoves the immobile girl out of the way as if she's a marble statue and the second that he does, time restarts and the truck crashes into a bunch of tables, injuring no one. "Yatta!" hollers Hiro, which is really what I think his superhero name should be. Like, SuperYatta! Or something like that. He runs over to Ando, who, it would seem, finally believes him. They dance around each other like a couple of caffeine-fueled monkeys. It's awesome. "So, you believe me now?" asks Hiro. "You'll come with me?" Ando just looks at him with his mouth gaping open. Oh, just say yes, Ando! You know you can't resist the wily charms of SuperYatta!

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