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Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve...

Clea chases Sylar into a dead end and orders him to put his hands in the air. He turns, and suddenly, Clea slams back into some metal shelves as if someone's powerfully shoved her. Then she puts her own gun to her head, even though it looks as if she has no choice in the matter. Sylar has himself one powerful brain. Clea tries to stop herself from pulling the trigger, but Sylar's too strong for her. Matt runs in, just in time, and fills Sylar full of lead. Sylar drops and so does Clea. Matt turns to ask if she's okay and she says she is, and then her face fills with horror. From behind Matt, we see Sylar basically float up to his feet as if lifted by a crane. Matt turns, but Sylar's gone. He runs over to see that Sylar's actually just... flown up to the ceiling and disappeared. So, let's count that up, shall we? Sylar can hear voices, he can make other people do things with his mind, he's indestructible, and he can fly. It would seem he has a little bit of Matt's, Claire's and Nathan's powers, hm? We haven't met anyone yet who can possess other people and make them do their bidding, but the season's still young.

After the break, we catch up with Ando and Hiro as they're jetting their way to America with a big bouffant-ed lady between them. Ando's confused; if Hiro called him from the future, shouldn't he be at home, waiting for the call? Hiro explains that they're changing the future, just by taking action. Ando continues to worry and fret about how they're heading toward a potential nuclear bomb instead of away from one. "A hero doesn't run away from his destiny," chides Hiro good-naturedly. The Bouffant-ed One crams herself between the two men, trying to get comfy for her long trans-Pacific flight, as Hiro wonders aloud if he's supposed to hide his true identity behind a costume. "If you even mention tights and a cape, I'm going home," snaps Ando. Hiro's all, you can't go home! The comic book says we fly together, so we have to fly together! You ARE flying together, Hiro. And unless Ando wants to strap on a parachute and punch a hole in one of the windows, I'd say he's not going anywhere, okay? Ando's less than pleased with their current accommodations and asks if the comic book says they have to fly coach. Hiro holds out the book and there's a panel with the Bouffant-ed One snoring on Ando's disgruntled shoulder as Hiro reads in the other seat. Sure enough, the Bouffant-ed one turns just then and puts her big puffy head on Ando's shoulder. He looks like he wants to light her hair on fire. Hiro just giggles and giggles. Hee.

Simone and Peter meet up in the lobby of her father's building. Peter's leaving; he's been training his replacement and saying goodbye to Simone's dad. He's quitting the nursing biz. Simone seems crushed that Peter's leaving her father's side. She doesn't want him to go. "This is not where I'm supposed to be," says Peter. "It's not what I'm supposed to do. I can't really explain it." She tells him to try, and Peter just says he's meant for something bigger. Yes, because caring for the dying is so meaningless. I really really REALLY wish they'd picked a different profession for Peter to keep disparaging. They share a moment where they smile at each other and he touches her arm. He walks away and Simone says that she'll miss him. This makes him stop and turn and say something pithy about how they're in New York and everyone runs into each other sooner or later. That was really deep. Now go jump off a building, Peter.

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