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They Got Carnivale in Our Heroes

T-Bag's not done yet: "They, like us, are blessed. Gifted with extraordinary abilities. And they, like us, struggle with finding their place in an ordinary world..." As we see Sylar with ominous flame hands on a New York rooftop, Nathan sopping wet with longer hair (I have no idea when that happened; anyone?), and then Nathan flying away and then landing in his pajamas. Music picks up just as Nathan lands, and T-Bag continues -- "Haunted by their past... [sic]" -- as Niki, er, I mean Jessica ... oh, wait, Tracy shatters her first human. "...from those who would harm them and keep them from their destiny..." as Danko shoots and shatters frozen Tracy. "Every one of them deserves a chance to be who they really are..." as Matt Parkman hugging Janice (who cares when that is, really? I know that Parkman's boring, but is that really what they chose to wrap up Parkman's history on the show?) and holding Baby Matt the day he met him. Hiro "Yatta!"s in Times Square. "But to what end? For what purpose?" as Hiro wheels Ando out of the Parkman home.

T-Bag wraps up, finally: "Here, in this place, we offer salvation, we offer hope, we offer redemption. And, one by one, they will come to our side, to our family, and they will find their way home." A shorter-haired Claire is holding a box of stuffed animals on a college campus. HRG spins his wedding ring on a table. Hiro and Ando look through a glass door in an office building. Matt holds his kid (which is a different kid than before). Sylar runs out of the woods all dirty and wearing a sweat suit (!) riddled with bullet holes. Tracy opens a door and walks through it. Peter's in an EMT jacket pushing a gurney in an ER. We're back at the funeral as T-Bag says "All who have gathered will be strong. And all who have gathered will stand. In unison. I say it's time we found our way back home again." He opens a compass, looks at it, and throws it into the grave with a quiet, "Find your way home, brother." T-Bag pushes his arms together and the dirt falls on the casket, which appears to be the power to move things you aren't touching, no? Mourners cry. As do I, because all of that already happened and we're only three minutes in. As they walk away from the funeral, we see they're walking toward a carnival in the distance. Title card. Phew. I need a nap. May I point out that showing clips of when the show used to be good doesn't mean it's good now? It only means it's so bad that the best things they can come up with are old scenes. Although, you know, not having Mohinder in the episode can't hurt anything. Except aesthetics.

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