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They Got Carnivale in Our Heroes

Back in Tokyo, Hiro brings time back and Ando gives the little girl her kitty. She thanks him and says she loves Dial A Hero and is going to tell everyone. She and Ando turn and see Hiro is frozen, so Ando tells her Hiro's just joking. She leaves, but Ando still can't get him to snap out of it.

Angela's pouring herself sake in a sushi place when someone walks in and, in Nathan's voice, says, "What have you done to me, Mom?" Then we see him, and it's Sylar, who says it took him a half-hour to get here. He apologizes for his lack of manners, gives her a creepy kiss on the cheek and says she looks lovely as usual. Angela snaps awake in the back of a car as she is actually pulling up to the sushi place. [Which appears to be right near where Bennet lives, unless I'm going crazy. - Zach] Nathan arrives and says the same thing as before, but it's much less ominous coming from the real Nathan (or, you know, the Sylar-as-Nathan-not-knowing-Sylar's-in-there Nathan; as opposed to the Sylar-as-Nathan-with-hints-of-Sylar-coming-out Nathan). Angela looks pensively at him, so he asks if she's okay. She says she's just worried about the company, because Noah's been distracted. Sylar-as-Nathan eyes the sashimi in front of him as he distractedly tells her he'll talk to Bennet, then asks, "Do I like sushi?" She says he's the one who wanted it; she wanted Italian. He picks up a piece and eats it. He says it's interesting, and she says new horizons keep life from getting stale. He agrees and says he's been taking stock of a lot of things lately, and feels like there's a lot of change. He feels like when he looks back on his life, it's not his life he's looking back on. She brushes it away as self-reflection, which is natural when you hit 40. But Nathan's being serious: He's not happy with the kind of person, brother, father, son he's been. Seems to be Nathan here, not Sylar, but whatever. It's too confusing to keep up. He tells her he's going to reconnect with the important people in his life and be "a better me." She tells him his life is stressful and at his age, he starts to feel his own mortality. He says that's just it; he feels invincible. She tells him it's a midlife crisis, and he should get a sports car and a young woman, just like his father did. They drink more sake as he eerily asks what he would be without her? Well, uh, mostly Sylar.

Matt's on the floor with his son when Angela calls him. Apparently he told her never to call, but she says there's a problem with that thing he did six weeks ago. She says Sylar's beginning to emerge again, and Matt says that's because he is Sylar. She says that's not true, because Matt erased Sylar from him; she saw it happen. She needs him to fix it, by going back into his mind and erasing more or upgrading it or whatever. For someone who's so sure of what she saw Matt do, she sure doesn't know crap about what it is he did. Is this the first time we have had a lack of continuity between two sentences in a single scene? Oh, probably not, but still. Matt's not doing it, because he stopped using his powers. He's done. He's out. Angela says there's no such thing as out for people like them. He disagrees and says this is her problem, wishes her luck, and hangs up. Then he looks worriedly at Baby Matt.

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