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Peter's watching Sylar-as-Nathan sleep when someone knocks at his apartment door. When he gets up to answer the door, we get a chyron that's almost as cool as those of old. "Chapter Ten" is written on the glass of the French doors he walks through, and then on the wall past them, he passes the word "Thanksgiving." (Not to repeat myself, but as I said in the Dexter recap, it's weird when shows such as these have Thanksgiving episodes.) It's Mama Petrelli at the door, with some henchmen to set up Thanksgiving dinner. She asks Peter where his brother is, and he says, "Good question," then tells her they need to talk. She brushes it off, all "Blah, blah, blah, family, Thanksgiving." She tells Peter to stir some milk into something, which is how Nathan likes it. Her henchmen leave, and Peter tells her they went to the storage unit and saw Nathan's dead body. Angela immediately knows it was the Haitian who told Peter, but she pretends it's a shape shifter in that box, who had to be stopped. Peter says Parkman also told them, but she says Parkman's unbalanced and suicidal. Peter's like, "You would be, too, with a Sylar in your head. Ask Nathan." Only he doesn't really say that. He asks if his brother's really dead, which is Nathan's cue to enter and tell her to answer. She won't answer, though, just more with the Thanksgiving and family nonsense. When Nathan gets slightly threatening, she tells him they will sit down and eat dinner like a family, or she'll leave and they'll never hear from her again. Then we get a close-up of Nathan as he briefly shifts into Sylar. Title card.

HRG's cooking when Claire arrives. Table's already set, pumpkin pies are already made. Claire can't believe how good the place looks. Claire has something to talk to him about before everyone else shows up, but then Lauren comes out, distracting her. Claire pulls him aside as Lauren finishes cooking, and says she's surprised he bought a date and he should have told Mom. He tries to pretend she's not a date, but ultimately sort of admits it by saying Sandra will understand: "We're a complex modern family, and besides, she's got... Doug." He barely says the word Doug, which is the perfect delivery by Jack Coleman. Another knock, and it's Sandra and Doug (played by Hank Stratton, whom you might remember from ... every TV show ever, starting in the '80s.) They come in and Claire greets Mr. Muggles happily. Doug's carrying his own Pomeranian, which he introduces to Claire as Dame Penelope Jane Lovegood III, but tells Claire she can call her Miss Lovegood. Claire looks disturbed as he baby-talks to Miss Lovegood. I guess it's all right for her mom, but not her mom's boyfriend? Sandra sees Lauren and asks HRG if he hired a cook, but he's all, "No, that's Lauren!" In one of those too-loud voices you use when things are awkward. But Lauren's totally smooth and says that's a great way to break the ice, and it's nice to finally meet Sandra. She also says her full name is Lauren Gilmore, which I'll go ahead and declare a shout-out to Lauren Graham on Gilmore Girls. Because, why not? Sandra asks HRG if he brought a date, and he says, "Nooooo. That's Lauren!" [Also, didn't Sandra, as well, or is Doug special? - Z] Claire just rolls her eyes. She is so above her parents' relationship drama.

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