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At Bennet's apartment, he raises a toast to the first Thanksgiving he's ever hosted -- and to Lauren, because without her they'd be eating Japanese take-out right now. Lauren laughs, then asks Sandra how she and Doug met. Doug interjects, "May I?" and tells everyone it was love at first sight... for Mr. Muggles and Miss Lovegood. Okay, Doug is a huge tool, but a wonderful character. This show needed a little humor. Claire is horrified as Doug recounts how they met at the groomer, then calls her mom "Sandy," is even more horrified when her mother calls Doug "Dougy," then he calls himself "legume-intolerant" (which means allergic). Sandra asks how Lauren and HRG met, and he says they used to work together at Primatech and recently reconnected. Lauren says it was this morning in the frozen food aisle, which she trolls for eligible men. I am somehow liking her in this role, despite hating the added-on backstory last time. Sandra asks if they worked at the paper company or "that other thing," and Lauren's surprised she knows about that other thing. Sandra condescendingly says, "Yes, dear. A memory can only be erased so many times." Doug looks confused, but not enough to ask anything about it. Sandra asks if they worked closely, and if she's stumbling onto something she's not supposed to remember. HRG says she's not stumbling onto anything, and they should all just enjoy their dinner.

Doug tries to ease the tension by saying his family's Thanksgiving tradition is to go around the table and have everyone say something they're thankful for. Claire and HRG somehow refrain from asking Doug why he's not with said family. How they refrain, we'll never know. It must be part of their powers. (I already said in my Dexter recap how weirdly similar this scene is to the Thanksgiving dinner scene on that show, so I won't repeat it here. Doug goes first. He's thankful for the two beautiful women in his life, who are (in this order) Miss Lovegood and Sandy. HRG's thankful his daughter Claire decided to come for Thanksgiving, which wouldn't be the same without her. Sandra seconds that. Lauren's thankful for canned yams. HRG gives a knowing smile. Doug asks Claire about her, and she smart-asses that she wishes she were thankful, but she's just not feeling it right now. HRG explains her roommate moved out, and Doug hilariously and idiotically asks, "Why on earth would she do that? You're so likeable." She tells Doug he knows nothing about her, and HRG tries to stop her. But she drops the bomb then that she's thinking about dropping out of school. Sandra looks at HRG as the tension in the room just about reaches its peak.

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