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Thanksgiving dinner at the carnival. Samuel's making a toast, but first asks Amanda where her mother is. For those who don't watch the Slow Burn webisodes, her mother is Lydia the Tattooed Lady. She tells him her mom went to find the Japanese man, but I don't know how she knew that, since their conversation started organically when they bumped into each other, and then she followed him away. When did she fill Amanda in? Anyway, Samuel's clearly annoyed. But then we're eight weeks ago in a field outside wherever the carnival was then. Samuel and Joseph argue. Samuel wonders how long Joseph's been lying, and Joseph tries to get him to calm down, but Samuel's sick of being controlled and manipulated. He wonders why, and Joseph says Samuel's dangerous. He says Samuel can move the earth, but it's more than that. He can move cities, and mountains. He has the power to kill millions. Folks, we have our likely season-ending impending apocalypse. Woo hoo! Samuel says he always thought he was missing out on some untapped potential. (Only Samuel -- and Sylar -- would see the ability to kill millions as "potential.") He wants to know how he can be that powerful, but Joseph says he's already said too much. He says he didn't want this life for Samuel, but he had to be controlled, and Joseph gave up everything to watch over him. Samuel wants to watch the film and take responsibility himself, but Joseph says it's too late, since he told Mohinder to burn it. He never wants Joseph to know the truth. Joseph's arranged for a man from the government (Danko) to come and take him in; he gave him a compass to find them. But Samuel's done being betrayed. Joseph tells Samuel he loves him as Samuel picks up a rock with his power and buries it in Joseph's neck. Lydia covers her mouth nearby, in horror. Then Samuel breaks down crying, "What have I done?" and cradling his brother. Which you'd think is sincere since he thinks he's alone, but if it were, wouldn't he have sent Hiro back to fix this instead of to get the film? Lydia makes a noise, and Samuel gets up and looks for them. Hiro struggles to teleport them out of there, but eventually does, just in time. Then Samuel stands there, looking very cool in his trench coat in a field of tall weeds in the moonlight.

Back at HRG's Thanksgiving of Awkward, Claire says college isn't where she's supposed to be. HRG wonders if this is about Gretchen, because that's just one relationship. Claire says it is, and also about Becky, and everything else. Sandra asks who Becky is, but Claire just, "Mom!"s her and moves on without answering, saying she doesn't belong in college. She might go live abroad for a year or get a job; who knows? He asks what about the $40,000 he just gave the school, and Claire says, "I don't know. Where'd it come from?!" HRG thinks this is about what Samuel said, and Sandra's like, "Who's Samuel? What's going on?" She wants to know what's happening, what HRG did. Claire says it's not about her dad; she's just a freak and people don't like freaks. Doug asks if he can interject something, and Sandra, HRG and Claire all yell, "No!" Lauren suggests everyone take a deep breath. Doug says he just wanted to say what Claire's feeling is perfectly normal, and nothing we haven't all felt. She looks pissed, but he goes on about growing up and discovering his penchant (he uses the French pronunciation, natch) for dog breeding didn't exactly make him popular. Claire's face is saying "Not. The. Same." Doug tells her to trust him; this will all blow over. Claire asks him really, will it, and then slices her arm open. Emo kids and their self-mutilation. He faints, and HRG glares at her and says, "Great." They should probably call the Haitian, but they don't want to interrupt his Thanksgiving. [Or, as it is known in Haiti, the "Eating of the Yams." - Z]

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