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Back at the carnival, Hiro and Lydia are ducked down behind a big blue box of some kind, as she says they have to stand up to him. Hiro doesn't want to, since that will put Charlie at risk, but Lydia says she's sorry; some things are just too important. She's crying as she walks to Thanksgiving dinner. Hiro gets up, too, and Samuel asks where he's been. He says he got lost. Then Samuel interrupts Edgar and Lydia talking and asks what's going on. She lies that nothing is, but he pulls a straw from her hair ominously before leading everyone to dinner (wasn't he toasting at the dinner already?).

Miss Lovegood is licking Doug's passed-out face. Lauren guesses he's never seen a "re-gen" before, and Sandra glares at her, like, "Don't call my daughter that." Sandra says this was par for the course for HRG, and she doesn't know what's going on with him and Claire. Lauren doesn't know either, but she thinks dinner was just his way of letting Claire know her family loves her, and there's nothing wrong with that. Sandra looks over and watches Claire and HRG go into the other room. In there, he shows her that he's back on hero pursuit ever since he came across the compass, which almost got him killed. Oh, and it belongs to Samuel. Claire tells him maybe she's not supposed to have a normal life, but he says it sounds like she's giving up. She says none of them understand what it's like to be her. She has to lie to everyone or they faint. [Can't she just avoid jumping out of windows, or carving herself up with an electric knife? It seems like an easy power to hide, if you just don't act like a freak. - Z] HRG knows it's been hard and he's caused pain, but he says Samuel and Co. are not good people, and she needs to trust him on this. She tells him to stop treating her like a child, and he tells her to stop acting like one. There's a knock, and HRG walks over to let Gretchen in, as Claire pockets his compass.

Back at Peter's, Angela asks who's ready for pie and brings it and the knife to the table. Nathan puts a hand on hers as she reaches for the knife and asks if there's a problem. He says this is some family, since they don't look at him and see their family member; they see the person who killed him. Peter says, "Nathan," and Sylar-as-Nathan says, "Guess again." Angela wonders if Sylar's in there with him, and he tells Peter they shouldn't have gone to Texas. Then he starts electrocuting himself or something and flails around until he falls face-first to the ground. When he stands up, he's fully Sylar, who says it feels good to finally be him again. He puts a napkin in his shirt, bib-style, and breathes, "What's for dinner? I'm starved." Then he whips the other two chairs sideways with his mind, which won't make sense until after the commercials. And, at this point, the characters mannerisms are so comical I can't even bother to be worried.

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