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Which is so unlike how I feel about Samuel, who we're back with as he cuts pumpkin pie and creepily tells everyone how special this meal is, since they all had a hand in it, just as they have in everything, including their shared destiny. He walks around the table and touches Lydia, who looks on the verge of tears, as he says tonight is special because the future is here and will be greater than Joseph ever imagined. Then he says he can't tell them yet -- not while there's a traitor in their midst. He goes on that the person who killed Joseph is at this table, and Edgar tells him to admit that he did it, since Hiro saw it. Samuel asks if that's what Hiro saw. Hiro apologizes to Edgar (for all to hear) that he has to think about Charlie, and says he didn't see that. Edgar stands up and yells, and Samuel calmly asks him why he's so angry. Is it because he killed Joseph? Edgar seethes, strengthening Samuel's case. Samuel says that Edgar betrayed them to the government, and when Joseph found out, he killed him. Edgar calls him a lying bastard, but Samuel's already picked up a rock with his mind. Hiro touches Edgar and freezes time, as Edgar's about to pull out his knives. He tells Edgar to run if he wants to live, because he can't kill Samuel while Charlie's still lost in time and space. He promises Edgar they'll defeat him someday, and Edgar runs away (at super-speed, of course) and then Hiro unfreezes it. Samuel says only someone who's guilty would run away. Or, you know, someone who has a loaded rock aimed at their face. Then he says "Good riddance," and Lydia looks scared and more than a little annoyed at Hiro.

Sylar's scarfing down food as the Petrellis are trapped in their chairs. Sylar wonders if his hunger is some sort of existential soul thing, and Peter wonders, "You have a soul?" Sylar, with his mouth full, wonders if that's the best Peter has. Then Sylar tells Angela she's raised the evil incarnate bar to an entirely new level, and thanks her for giving him something to strive for. He kisses her on the lips as Peter struggles against being trapped. Sylar says he's not a religious man, but he believes in blood. "Time to carve the turkey." He starts to slice open Mama Petrelli's head. I love that he called her a turkey in that way. As he starts to slice, though, Nathan fights back from within Sylar. Sylar yells that Nathan's dead, but Angela says his spirit is alive and fighting for his family. Sylar fights with himself and his face morphs and morphs and he ends up Nathan. Who looks at his mother and asks, "What have you done to me?" He flees. Peter tries to follow, but Nathan's already broken through the barred window and flown away. But Peter should have all of his powers, right? Since he touched him last week? That's how it works, based on the show's internal logic, right? Commercials, including the latest Slow Burn. Edgar sends Lydia a text on her Sprint phone apologizing for leaving, but telling her to keep fighting. Amanda tells her mom she's sorry about Edgar, but Lydia says Edgar's too fast for Samuel. Amanda wonders why Edgar would do that, and Lydia says it's complicated, but she doesn't have time to explain right now; she needs to get Amanda out of here. Samuel interrupts and asks Amanda to excuse them so he and her mother can have a talk. The women look at him in shock.

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