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HRG's Thanksgiving of Awkward is wrapping up, as Doug's apologizing for fainting. Claire and Gretchen discuss Gretchen's new roommate. She's dull, and no one's tried to kill her for days and she's a slob. Claire offers her her old room back, and Gretchen accepts, since Claire's the only person who's made sense out of everyone she's met at college. In the kitchen, HRG asks Lauren about Christmas, but she suggests a movie instead; she wonders if she should give him her number, or if he's going to stalk her in the produce aisle. He says, "Uh, canned goods, I think it was." She gives him her number, and I start to like this coupling in spite of myself (although, more Sandra is always a good thing). Lauren tells the girls goodbye and leaves. Doug, Sandra and the dogs are right behind her. Claire apologizes to Sandra about Doug, and she says it's okay; she told him he ate a peanut. She says, "He's not the sharpest tack, but he's a good man." Which she clearly prefers over the brilliant but unreliable killer she used to be married to. Gretchen goes to wait in the car as Claire and her dad have a heart-to-heart. He apologizes, but tells her he wants her to take her time and think about her choices, because she does have them. She says he's right and that she's going back to school; classes start Monday. They hug and say they love each other. She thanks him for inviting Gretchen, saying it wasn't overreaching, but the perfect dad thing to do. He says next Thanksgiving is at her place, and she agrees. But doesn't she live in a dorm? That could get crowded, not to mention the fact that they don't have kitchens.

She gets in the car and shows Gretchen the stolen compass as our theme music of old kicks in. She says she wants to know what her choices are, and this is going to lead her to them. She asks if Gretchen's up for an adventure, but will understand if not, since they might run into Becky there. Gretchen says she's not her favorite person, but Claire is. So they start out.

Carnival. Samuel tells Hiro how honorable it was of him to save Edgar, but he should know that when he betrays him, he puts Charlie in danger. Hiro stops and tells Samuel that Joseph was right: "You are powerful. But I am powerful, too." And I get a little twinge of nostalgia for the Hiro of old. Samuel threatens to make it so Hiro will never see Charlie again, but Hiro says he can't since he needs him. So if Samuel doesn't tell him when and where Charlie is, he's leaving. Samuel says he doesn't think he'd let him leave, does he? Hiro says he has no choice, but Samuel says he always has a choice. He beckons Damien over to put his hands on Hiro's head. Everything from this season flashes before him: Ando and him at work. Him helping the guy stop photocopying his butt, him and Charlie in the diner, the slushy, saving the cat, Mohinder frozen with a lit match. When Damien's done, Samuel asks how he feels, and Hiro says in Japanese, "Must rescue Watson. Beam me up, Scotty!" Then he disappears. Okay, this is humor I can get behind, too. Hiro's pop-culture gibberish. Samuel looks horrified and asks Damien what he's done. The only thing that annoys me is that now Hiro won't be there to tell Claire how bad Samuel is next week. When I mentioned this possibility to my husband, he said that will never happen because this show's like World of Warcraft: There's no plot, nothing ever happens, and there's no ending. (Gamers: Don't e-mail me to clarify. We are happy in our ignorance.)

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