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Peter's. He comforts his mom and promises they'll get Nathan back. She says it's over, and not possible anymore. Peter says the only thing he can count on since this all started is that anything's possible. She says it's Sylar. Peter says no one wants him dead more than him, but the one thing he wants more is his brother alive. He'll find a way.

Next week: HRG leaves Claire a message, telling her how much more dangerous the compass is than she knows. As they get to the carnival, Claire has second thoughts, but Samuel greets her in the parking lot, so glad she could make it. Peter's going to get Nathan back, and if there's no Nathan to get back, he guesses he'll settle for revenge on Sylar. He's beating the crap out of Sylar, who breathe-wonders if Peter's going to beat Nathan out of him. Peter, holding a nail gun, says, "Something like that." We hear a nail gun and Sylar screaming. Okay, that's awesome.

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, thinks Thanksgiving on this show makes hers seem much more enjoyable. You can contact her at twopmodmars@gmail.com.

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