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Gunfight at the O.K. Carnival

Upstairs, Claire knocks and Lauren answers the door. It's very awkward, though I'm unsure why. Claire peruses her dad's wall of weird and asks where he is. Lauren says he just stepped out for a moment. Claire says she brought him coffee to try to talk things over with him, then she asks, "I'm sorry. Why are you here exactly?" Lauren starts to explain their relationship, but Claire says that isn't what she means; she's talking about the Primatech files and carnival maps all over the place, which is all stuff Noah said he was done with. Lauren says she's just helping a friend, but Claire says friends do dinners and movies (or, in her case, becoming lesbians and making out). She tells Lauren to tell HRG that he needs to stop what he's doing here, but Lauren says it's not that simple and tells Claire about the sinkhole. They know it was Samuel. Claire asks if Samuel can even do that, and Lauren tells her how he gains more power the more "specials" he's around. I don't think they like to be called that; "special" implies something different than "hero." Lauren tells Claire that her dad will be back in a minute, but Claire says she actually has class and they seem to have this under control, so she leaves. Like the really stupid idiot she is. Because talking to Noah about this before he heads to the carnival makes much more sense than trying to talk to Samuel. I would think she'd use her influence in the relationship that she has had for more than a minute rather than trying to influence the creep she barely knows. Lauren tries to stop her, but with no luck.

Parkman home. Sylar spouts knowledge about Matty that he got from Parkman's brain, and tells Janice he knows stuff because he and Parkman have been through so much together: addiction counseling and demon-facing. Matt says he's going to show "Gabe" the basement, and the guys excuse themselves. In the basement, Sylar looks around as if there's anything in the empty room he's walking around in. Then he tells Matt he had to come here to remember what it feels like to be in his head, since he's actually found a way to be a husband and a father with his ability, so he's even stronger than Sylar. Matt laughs when Sylar asks him to go inside his head again, but Sylar says he can't live with his powers anymore and he needs Parkman to take them away. Parkman can't believe what Sylar's asking and asks how. Sylar doesn't care if he creates a mental block or represses them, or whatever. He just wants to be normal. Parkman says he passed that about fifty murders ago, and what makes Sylar think Parkman would risk going in his head again. Sylar: "Janice. And the kid." He says he does want to change, but he's insane and will do whatever he has to do. Parkman agrees to try, but only if Sylar lets Janice go. He agrees and then there's a weird, long scene where Sylar stares, looks like he just realized something, and then walks slowly up the stairs after Parkman. I actually can't figure out what that scene means, if anything. I'll go with nothing.

Angela's apartment. Peter's there to find out what's wrong (apparently she couldn't tell him via telephone?). She says it's Nathan. Or, more accurately, his headstone. She doesn't know what to say. Peter holds her hand and says he knows. She says she just needed to see Peter to be sure he's okay. They talk about her vision of Emma, and Peter says he saw it too, and he thinks Sylar was actually trying to help Emma. Mama Petrelli tells Peter to remember that one isolated act doesn't make Sylar Emma's savior. She puts up a picture of Nathan, and Peter tells her he needs her help finding Sylar, since he knows she knows where he is. Uh, what? How? She says, "Sylar's never been far from my thoughts." Again ... huh? If she knows because of her power, wouldn't Peter know, since he borrowed the power? She says she knows where he is, but she begs him not to go, since Sylar killed Nathan and has tried to kill basically everyone ever. Peter says Sylar can save Emma and others, and Nathan would never turn his back on them, so Peter won't either. What's with making Nathan the hero of the story? Peter's always been the more heroic brother, and I think we all know that.

Dorm room. Claire puts her hair in a ponytail as she tells Gretchen that her dad's going to the carnival to take down Samuel, which cannot end well. Gretchen suggests Claire go to class for once and that HRG was right about the carnival and she never should have gone there. Claire agrees Samuel's bad but the rest of the carnival is all family and children, who just want to live their lives being open about their abilities. She says they don't know they're giving Samuel their power, but Gretchen says she can't be sure about that. Claire asks to borrow Gretchen's car (what happened to Claire's car?) and she says no, and asks her to come to class with her. Claire takes Gretchen's car, and Gretchen just tells her to bring it back full and shakes her head.

HRG's apartment. He's trying to call Claire, and tells Lauren she never should have let her leave without talking to him. Lauren asks if she was supposed to drag her by her hair and lock her in his closet (yes, please; that would be infinitely more interesting than most of this season). Lauren asks what they do, and HRG says they have to go, because they can't wait around and see what Samuel does next. Lauren agrees, but thinks HRG's too emotional. She says Samuel's a threat, and not just to Claire. Noah says he can handle this; she doesn't have to worry about him. But she says that's not an option anymore. Awwww. He smiles, and says, "Let's go."

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