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Gunfight at the O.K. Carnival

Peter's still banging on Parkman's door. When he answers, he apologizes for taking so long; he was just working downstairs. They shake hands as they greet, and Peter takes his power and says, "Sylar is here." Then Parkman uses the power to realize Peter wants to take him. He chases after him: "You can't just take him." Obviously, Parkman. You can only take Sylar if you want to bury him behind a brick wall. That's how it works. I have a powers question for people who understand this show better than I do: Why do people now have to touch to do things they used to just do? For example, Peter touches people to borrow their powers now, but he used to just borrow anyone's power he was close to. And Parkman had to touch Sylar's head to do his brain-melting mojo, where he used to just look sideways and squint (or whatever). Peter tells Parkman that Sylar has to save people from dying. Peter sees what Matt's building in the basement, and is like, "What the hell did you do?" But wouldn't he know since he was reading Matt's thoughts? Since he knew where he was and all? Peter says he has to bring Sylar back and walks toward him. Matt tries to stop him, telling him he'll get trapped inside the nightmare too, but Peter approaches and touches Sylar's head. Then Peter's alone in the pretty, well-lit streets of New York. There's no one else there, making me wonder how this was filmed. Peter walks around, calling for Matt or anyone. But he's all alone, just like Sylar. Get it?

Lauren, still lying by her tree, musters the strength to use her phone. Tracy answers, and Lauren says, "Noah Bennet told me to call if anything went wrong." Samuel's sitting with dead Lydia. He closes her eyes, then Edgar speedsters in, looking concerned. Apparently Samuel opened the portal or whatever to notify him and bring him back. Edgar silently walks forward and kisses Lydia's hand. He's remorseful for going to Bennet. Samuel tells him to look what the "so-called normal people" have done, then Edgar asks him how he could let this happen. Samuel leaves his trailer and gathers his troops. He speechifies that he knows what he did was wrong, but that he was willing to sacrifice himself for all of them. He says that this has proven, once again, that people like them will never be accepted. Montage as Samuel continues. First we see Bennet, with Damien's reflection, though it's not clear what Damien's doing there. Claire's listening from the trailer as Samuel says they've all seen the eyes of the normal people at their shows, dazzled by their abilities, but filled with revulsion over who they are. He saw it in the small town he sinkholed yesterday, and today in the bullets that struck him and murdered Lydia (and what about Claire's bullet? No revulsion there?). Lauren shivers by her tree, then stands up in pain and starts to walk. Samuel says it's time to put fear behind them and show the world what they truly are. Camera pans above him, and he's surrounded so we can see he has certainly gathered his troops. This should make him awfully powerful, but no way can he beat the Ambiguously Gay Duo of Sylar and Peter.

Next week: Peter finds Sylar on the empty New York street and says he's here to get him out. Sylar says there's no getting out; he'd know since he's been there three years. Peter says it's been three hours. Time travel? What is this: Lost? Samuel tries to tell Claire HRG did the shooting, but her response is awesomely that if her dad shot anyone, Samuel would be dead. Samuel tells someone that Claire needs time to consider his offer. Claire tries to rescue HRG, but Samuel zaps the Earth into a small tremor or something.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, advises against taking a gun to a carnival. You can contact her at twopmodmars@gmail.com.

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