The Eclipse, Part 2

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Seth Green And Breckin Meyer…

Hiro's still in the fucking bathroom, and Seth has just about had it with this nonsense, a sentiment Ando is all too willing to translate. Hiro calls in that Seth and Breckin never grew up, as they read comic books and eat junk food. Hiro, have you heard of Comic-Con? Check out the average age sometime. Seth looks at Breckin, and Breckin hilariously displays the candy bar on which he's currently munching. Seth then offers that if Hiro were Hiro -- "you're not, but if you were" -- he'd know that saving the world comes before everything else. Hiro points out, in more diplomatic language, that he sucks ass at being a Hero, which is the smartest thing I've heard anyone on this show say in quite some time, but Seth tells him that he gives people hope, and shows them that "even a lowly office drone" can do great things. Breckin amusedly points out that Seth said he didn't believe any of this, and Seth irritatedly avows his disbelief while adjusting his shirt to conceal the fact that his heart just grew three sizes. Hiro opens the door and thanks Seth, and then Breckin, who's engrossed in the very first 9th Wonders, calls their attention to an illustration that depicts Teenaged Claire and Adult Hiro surreptitiously watching Kaito give Baby Claire to Bennet, and what's more, in the drawing, Hiro's wearing the same clothes he is now. Of course, Hiro's wardrobe is generally about as variable as that of a Scooby-Doo character, so I'm not sure this signifies as much as Seth seems to think. Breckin, however, suggests that Hiro has to take Claire there to get his memory back, and since Hiro's memory loss thankfully has made him forget his stupid promise never to go back in time again, he gets the location of the Bennet house and pops out of there posthaste. Upon seeing this demonstration, Seth lights up: "Best. Day. Ever!" Well, he's a Buffy alum, so he gets a pass for that one.

Claire's home in bed when Bennet finally turns up, and she overacts as she upbraids him for not being there again and blah, but when she reveals that she actually died, he does the Sylar-related math and gets serious real fast. At first I thought maybe he should have done something to Sylar's body, like cut him up into pieces or cremate him or something, but given that Claire's ability includes regeneration, we might have just ended up with seventeen Sylars that way. Regardless, Bennet's too late, as when he gets downstairs, Elle, Sylar, and a ridiculous T-shirt on Sylar's torso menace the Bennets, including Sandra, who's in Elle's power. Sylar telekinetically grabs the gun away from Bennet and throws and holds him against the wall, but when Claire takes the opening to go for the weapon, Elle shocks Sandra in the neck (ouch) and tells her to stay back. Sylar declares his intention to take Claire, prompting Bennet to note scornfully that he's trying to be a good boy for his Daddy. Sylar counters that he's actually trying to be like Bennet, as he's willing to do what it takes for his family. To demonstrate, he chokes Bennet in his invisible grip, prompting Claire to say she'll go with them if they'll just leave her parents alone. Bennet, however, chooses this moment to inform Sylar that the Petrellis aren't his parents -- he's read Sylar's files, and the Petrellis are just manipulating him. Argh. Okay, on the one hand, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for Arthur and Angela, on opposing sides of this war, both to tell Sylar the same lie, especially since Bennet claims that "they" (Arthur and Angela together) are leveraging his "mommy issues" to turn him into "their weapon." But Elle and Sylar's reaction both suggest that Bennet is telling the truth here, although it also doesn't make sense that Elle, an underling and an untrusted commodity at The Company, would even have learned about Sylar's parentage. Anyway, there will be a new retcon next week, I'm sure, so why bother. Bennet sneers that Sylar and Elle could never have a normal life, and adds that Sylar killed Elle's father, like, unless she thought Bob had a little accident with a Ginsu knife, I'M PRETTY SURE SHE KNOWS. Anyway, it's written all over Sylar's face that he believes Bennet, but that doesn't stop him from starting to slit his throat, just like Bennet did to him. However, just at this moment, Hiro pops in, and with a blithe "Bad man," he pops Sylar out of there. Bennet falls to the floor, and a moment later, Hiro reappears and pops Elle away, and then, with a "Save the cheerleader," he does the same with Claire. The Butlers...er, "Bennets" stare at each other into the last commercial break.

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