The Eclipse, Part 2

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Matt and Daphne return to the comic-book store and wonder where Hiro is. Ando tells him he's gone, and when Matt suggests they check the comic book, Seth tells him that "the last posthumous issue" is the one they just read. I seem to vaguely recall that Isaac said he could only see up to the explosion, which makes sense since then no one would have FLIPPED OUT ABOUT IT, but hey, such is Season Three. What more needs to be said? Oh, God, poor Seth has to tell them about a "legend" about one more 9th Wonders story existing, as the day he died, "Isaac Mendez bequeathed his sketchbook to a humble bike messenger." You see what I mean about this show's comedy potential? Pair that line with a slide whistle and I'm falling over laughing. As it is, though, I'm horribly embarrassed for everyone involved, even though Seth tries his hardest to sell the dialogue: "You find that messenger, and you find your story."

It's night in Haiti as the sisters tearfully reunite, and how sad is it that I care about them more than most people on the show? The Haitian says he'll take them back to their parents, and Nathan thanks him for the sacrifice he made in killing his brother. When they're alone, Peter asks Nathan if he's okay, and Nathan basically apologizes to Peter for the nasty things he said last episode. You'd think this is where they make out, but Nathan's getting to the bad news, so he limits contact to a hand on Peter's shoulder as he says he's going back to Pinehearst -- while he'll forgive Arthur for what he did to them, he thinks his idea of giving people abilities is brilliant. And to be honest, one of the many, many problems this season is that no one's really been able to articulate what's wrong with Arthur's goal. Sure, he's cartoonish and evil and his means are abhorrent, but frankly, it seems to me that Primatech has done a lot worse things to the world than Pinehearst. Not, mind you, that Nathan's explanation to Peter for his new position makes even the slightest bit of sense, or that Nathan isn't demonstrating once again how incredibly, pathologically wishy-washy he is. Anyway, Nathan tosses Peter a flashlight and gives him the name of someone at the Embassy to call to get him home, and just like that, he flies up into the sky. Which is seriously cold, but it's Peter, so it's tempered with hilarity.

Mohinder reenters the lab at Pinehearst to find Arthur watching over Flint, who seems to be alive after all. Arthur tells him that the eclipse showed them all who they are -- "desperate, angry, and weak." Sure, we'll go with that. He asks Mohinder if he's ready to get back to work, and Mohinder, whose epidermal issues have spread to his face and neck, seethes, "Look at me. Where else could I go?" Arthur affably says they'll find a cure for his condition. "But that monster inside of you -- that's something you're gonna have to take care of all by yourself." Well, last episode he had himself webbed in place -- why not try that again?

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