The Eclipse, Part 2

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Seth Green And Breckin Meyer…

Oh, Lord, it's 9th Wonders again. So Seth Green is the Scully to Breckin Meyer's Mulder here, as Seth doesn't believe this is really Hiro and Ando even though they keep matching the comic book exactly. Also, Seth is sporting a thick beard so ridiculously trimmed that it looks like part of a Halloween costume, so if the idea is to make him look more grown up, the comic effect is seriously getting in the way. Anyway, Ando begs them to help figure out why Hiro's lost his power and how to get his memory back, and when he meets with slackjawed silence, Hiro grabs a box of back issues of the comic to try to figure out what's going on. Good luck to you there, son. Seth then pulls an Apu about this not being a lending library, so Hiro takes out his company credit card that has a limit of two billion dollars and buys the lot. He then turns back to the comic and literally breathes, "Best. Day. Ever." Since we're apparently using expressions more tired than Rip van Winkle, let me offer this: NOT!

So despite the fact that Elle has left a trail of blood that makes it clear she needed a tourniquet, like, yesterday, Sylar has managed to get her into the first-aid aisle of some supermarket or large drugstore heretofore unnoticed. Finally, though, some idiot clerk comes by and asks -- no lie -- "May I help you?" Sylar doesn't come back with something smart, not that I blame him because where would you start, but gets up and tosses a bunch of money at him in an effort to get him to go away. Instead of taking it, though, the guy now gets the bright idea to call the cops, and I'm guessing he's not making assistant manager anytime soon. Sylar, who suddenly has blond highlights in his hair for some reason, like maybe he grabbed some Sun-In on his way to Aisle Five, tells Elle that Bennet will be showing up soon, although it's a wonder he's not here already, what with him NOT HAVING BEEN SHOT IN THE LEG. I mean, even Daphne in her current condition would have caught up with them already. Sylar tells Elle that they have to split up, but Elle nixes that idea, pointing out that Bennet is far better trained than either of them and will surely kill Sylar. Sylar wonders if he deserves it, but Elle tells him he's changed, like he didn't just COMMIT A TOTALLY CAPRICIOUS MURDER HOURS AGO, my GOD. Elle suggests they let Bennet follow them and set a trap, and Sylar likes the sound of that, so he gets Elle to her feet and helps her out of there.

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