The Eclipse, Part 2

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In the hospital, Claire is not looking so hot, although she is on a morphine drip, which I can tell you is more fun than a kick in the teeth, at least. She asks about Bennet, and we get the old song and dance where Sandra covers for him and Claire sees through her and whines about it, like, accept it at this point already, honey. Claire then opines that she was being stupid when she wished for her power to go away, and while hindsight is 20/20 she makes a good case. Two cops then show up and tell "Mrs. Butler" (good on Sandra for at least thinking to use a fake name) they need to talk to her, and Sandra whispers to Claire that she has to be brave. Claire, however, is distraught, and says how stupid she is and how she wanted to be more than she was. "I'm sorry. I ruined everything." This at least was somewhat affecting on first viewing, I'll admit, and suddenly, Claire convulses and flatlines, prompting Sandra to completely flip out as she calls for help, like even Shirley MacLaine would be all "Damn, girl." The nurses rush in and get to work.

Sylar and Elle have made it all the way to the storeroom of the place they were just in, and on a security monitor they see Bennet. Elle panics that their location is too open, so Sylar rushes her over to the freight elevator, hits a button, and closes the gates after he steps off. She yells "No!" at him as the elevator descends, which I guess makes her the John Connor in T2 and Sylar the Sarah in this situation. If that's the case, get ready for Skynet. Meanwhile, Bennet has made it to the storeroom, and after Sylar tackles him from behind, they start slugging it out. And while Mohinder did beat Flint before, I have the feeling the underdogs have used up their quota of luck for the episode.

Claire's gone into "septic shock," and the lead doctor calls for an underling to "crack the chest." They cut Claire open, and even someone who's witnessed as much as Sandra has should not have to see this.

Sylar's talking instead of hitting, saying that Bennet has to be in control, and then asking, "What if Claire could see you now?" Wow, it's like he's psychic! Does that mean the eclipse is over? There's an absolutely atrocious editing gaffe when Bennet goes to hit Sylar, who's on the floor, but then gets grabbed from his right side by... Sylar. Yeesh. Sylar knees him in the abdomen a couple times...

...and then Claire is seriously cut open and getting the paddles directly on her organs. Aieee!

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