The Eclipse, Part 2

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Sylar punches Bennet's stunt double a couple of times, knocking off "his" glasses, but Bennet turns the tables and gets Sylar down on his knees, facing away from him. Um... didn't mean to write myself into a corner there. As Elle, who's gotten the elevator to come back up, at least, watches, Bennet grabs a handy utility knife, and after some limited speechifying, slits Sylar's throat. Elle watches in horror as her man bleeds all over the floor, although I still think she lost more blood tramping all over on that leg.

The sun has almost completely reappeared, and moments after Sandra lifts the sheet to take a last look at her dearly departed daughter, the eclipse is over, and Claire awakens and heals. So the regeneration power includes reanimation as well? How are we ever going to get rid of these people? Sandra admirably controls her emotions enough to focus on what's important: "We gotta get you out of here."

Matt's back at Daphne's house, but the sun is fully out, and her father emerges with a leg brace in hand and the news that Daphne's gone. Matt then realizes his power is back, as he hears not only the dad's thoughts but Daphne's as well. The father thinks that if he'd done more, Daphne would have stayed, and Matt kindly tells him not to think that. I like Greg Grunberg too much to stay mad at Matt for long, although he sure asks for it sometimes. Matt shakes the man's hand and takes his leave...

...and in the cornfield, Daphne's thoughts are coming through more clearly, as she expresses regret for stealing the formula and blah, and no one thinks in this linear and conversational a manner, of course, except that when Matt comes upon Daphne, she's tending to a scarecrow, and explains that she's been coming to talk to "Ray" ever since she was thirteen. Matt tells her that she was trying to take something back from life after being dealt a shitty hand, and adds that, powers or no powers, they're all flawed. I'll certainly agree with that, probably far too heartily for his taste. He reiterates that she's a good person (ugh) but points out that she came back "to set something right" (her legs?) so she should "go do it, sweetie" (SPEEYACK). Daphne manages to superzip through the treacle back onto the porch, and when her dad emerges, she gives him a big hug, like, THAT'S IT? That's the extent of the healing of the rift between them? I've seen tougher conflict resolution on, like, Family Affair. Matt watches this reunion appreciatively. Shut up, Matt.

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