The Eclipse, Part 2

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Back in Haiti, Peter stupidly hits a bunch of the soldiers head-on, and is lucky not to get shot before taking cover behind a truck. However, he quickly uses up the ammunition in the gun, and since he apparently DIDN'T THINK TO GRAB ANY MORE, his only option is surrender. I'm surprised they didn't shoot him anyway, given the nefariousness of this crew, but maybe Samedi ordered that his enemies be brought in alive if possible for his own amusement. Anyway, the soldiers warily move forward to take Peter, but suddenly The Haitian appears and incapacitates two of them with his power, while Nathan deals with another one and Peter takes advantage of the distraction to knock the lead guy out. I'm assuming that once Nathan and The Haitian realized their powers had returned, they decided to come back to help Peter, and Peter thanks Nathan for that. Samedi then appears and tells them in French that they should have stopped him when they had the chance, and after some more posturing, Nathan suddenly flies at Samedi, grabbing him and taking him for a quick ride before letting go and throwing him into a truck, collapsing the front end. Try explaining that one to the insurance company. Pretty cool, though. Samedi looks dead, but then with some crunching sounds, he sits upright, which... is not exactly how I thought his power worked. Impenetrable skin does not mean automatic healing of broken bones, no? And if the skin absorbed the impact, he shouldn't have seemed hurt at all. Anyway, Peter points his gun at Samedi and tells The Haitian to dampen Samedi's ability so he can shoot him, which I guess answers the question of whether The Haitian can turn on his power at will. The Haitian, however, prefers to deal with the situation himself, and as a suddenly worried Samedi begs him not to do this and opines that he must still love him, The Haitian grabs the top of his head and seems to suck out his life force. Whether that also gives him Samedi's power is yet to be determined, but for now The Haitian's apoplectic visage takes us into a commercial break.

Mohinder knocks on Maya's door and calls in to her, and she actually sounds like she's going to answer, but he balks when he suddenly takes note of the scales that have reappeared on his hand, like, he couldn't FEEL THEM? My God. Anyway, he bails in advance of her opening the door and finding the Post-It with her address on it, and that's it for Maya. Even the old regulars on House must be jealous of how little Dania Ramirez has to do for a paycheck.

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