The Fix

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Erin: A | 1 USERS: A+
Hold still, Sylar--there's something sticking out of your head.

Sylar's Secret Room of Surprises. Bennett enters and sees Sylar's sheet-covered body on the slab in the middle of his room. Bennett goes inside and walks over to the body. He whips back the sheet, revealing that it's not Sylar on the slab, but Henchdoctor! Ack! Bennett spins around and there's Sylar, creepily staring at him with a gleam in his eye. He smiles at Bennett and we get a look at the back of his head and there's a fucking THING sticking out of it. It looks like a plastic shunt or something. What the hell? Sylar jerkily tilts his head and says, "How's Claire?"


Next on Heroes: Simone might make out with Isaac while Peter watches (dirty!), Peter may or may not explode, Jessica shows up (and it looks like she attacks the good doctor), Claire goes to see her mother, and Sylar pays a little visit to the Bennett household. Oh, and apparently, Claire's daddy? Has really hairy forearms. Talk amongst yourselves.

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