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Hold still, Sylar--there's something sticking out of your head.

Non-Magic Bus. Hiro and Ando are being driven around in the Black Van of Bad Guys. There's a slick-looking guy in the back with them, and I think we're supposed to assume that this is Linderman. I never thought that, though, because I'm a spoiler whore, so I totally know who this guy is and why he's kidnapped the boys. Hiro says that he has a special power and he's on a mission and the unctuous guy says he knows all about the power and the mission. Then he speaks in Japanese and says that Hiro's wrong to think he's on a mission to save the world. Hiro's all, who the hell are you? Unctuous Guy says that he works for a man with real power and that this man knows precisely what Hiro is up to. He then hands them two first-class tickets to Tokyo. Ando perks up at the sound of "first-class," but Hiro shoves the tickets away, saying that they can't let temptation take them away from their mission. He says that he is pure of heart and can't be tempted and when he meets the Big Boss, he'll tell him exactly that. Unctuous Guy's like, yeah, I'd like to see how well THAT works out for you.

Peter's Palatial Apartment of Gargantuanness. Peter's packing a bag. He grabs a picture of Nathan and him and adds it to the satchel. Aw. Nathan and Mohinder enter. Mohinder's wearing his Scarf of Fugly Colors, but it doesn't look as bad here as it did in the previews. Or perhaps it's just the hideous pink sweater that's distracting me from the fugliness of the scarf. Nathan says they're there to help him and notices the bag. Peter says he thought he'd just get away for a little while, but Nathan's not buying it. He wants to help, but Peter says he can't be helped. Mohinder thinks that maybe he can help him, if Peter allows himself to be tested. Peter's all, and what? You can cure me? Whatever, dude. I don't have time to be your guinea pig. I'm outta here. Nathan's all, I'm not letting you run away, dude. Peter's all, or what? You gonna call the cops and tell them your little bro's going nuclear? Nathan threatens Peter with possible mental hospital incarceration. Peter drops his bag and moves closer to his brother, shooting Mohinder a "Could you possibly bugger off?" look. Mohinder moves away.

"I know you want to help me," says Peter, practically kissing Nathan on the mouth. "You're my big brother. And you fix everything. But you can't--you can't fix this one this time." Nathan thinks he can. Peter pretends to agree to sit down and discuss this, but only so he can duck and run. He flings himself toward the front door as Nathan and Mohinder try to catch him. Out in the hallway, one of Nathan's henchmen is standing there, undisturbed. Nathan's all, dude? You're supposed to CATCH Peter, not WATCH HIM LEAVE. The guy's all, the who? The window at the end of the hall is open and Mohinder wonders if maybe Peter flew out of it, seeing as he'd just touched his flying brother on the shoulder and all. Nathan and Mohinder look out the window, but see nothing. Nathan shoots Mohinder a look and leaves. Mohinder looks back at Peter's apartment and we see that Peter didn't fly away; he's invisible. Claude has him up against the wall (dirty!) with his hand over his mouth, and they can't be seen. It's an awesome shot, too, with Claude looking all creepy and Peter looking slightly freaked out. It's a very comic book-y shot, which I totally love.

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