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A Virus Without A Cure -- Kind Of Like Britney Spears

Tobby enters then, and introduces himself as someone named "Bob," but he'll always be "Tobby" to me. The look on Monica's face is like, "Who in the HELL is this guy?" Tobby calls Mo out of the room for a little one-on-one consult. Mohinder confirms that he's established a baseline for Monica's abilities, which is when Tobby pulls a vial out of a cabinet and says, "Good. Now we can determine if this stops all of that." After sneaking a peek at a folder on the counter with the name "ADAM MONROE" on it, Mohinder looks at Tobby in surprise: "What is that?" "A variation on the Shanti virus," says Tobby calmly. Mohinder's flabbergasted: "You're experimenting with the virus?" Tobby insists that manipulating a live virus is essential for creating a valid vaccine. He's hoping that the "vaccine" within the vial will "cure" Monica of her ability without hurting her. But, of course, he's not SURE it won't hurt her, nor is he sure it will put an end to her powers. But he still wants Mohinder to stick Monica in the arm with it. Tobby's an asshole. "You could create an incurable strain that could cross over to the general population!" says Mohinder. Pay attention here -- this will be important later, I think. I totally didn't note the significance of this virus talk until I saw the end of the episode, dudes. Tobby asks Mohinder to remember how many people Sylar killed: "There are some abilities in this world that must be stopped at any cost." Mohinder thinks Monica's a good kid who loves her power, but Tobby doesn't give a damn: "It's for the greater good." "So she's a lab rat," Mohinder surmises. "Ggreaaaat. Also? You're a dick. Also also? I'm not sticking anyone with a needle just because some guy with a penis-shaped head tells me to. Bugger off." Well, not really. I wish Mohinder had that kind of backbone. He doesn't. Instead...

...Mohinder just calls Bennet -- who's still hanging out in front of a green screen with the Haitian Sensation -- and tells him all about the virus-tampering. Mohinder says that if the biological structure of the virus has been altered, he's not sure he can save the girl; she could die. Instead of giving Mohinder the go-ahead just to burn the damn Company down once and for all, he tells the poor spineless doof that he's going to have to take the chance that Monica might bite it. After Mohinder says that he never agreed to experiment on people, Bennet suddenly realizes that Mohinder took Molly to The Company, and that's why he's in his current situation. "Look," grits Bennet, "if you refuse to do this, they're going to get rid of you. And then we're gonna lose everything we've been trying to do and, worse yet, you're going to lose Molly. And that's fine. But to bring down this company, sometimes we have to do bad things. Don't disappoint me, Suresh." He rings off, and he and the Haitian Sensation proceed to walk across a back lot that's standing in for Odessa in the Ukraine.

In an apartment across town, a woman calls out to her grandson, in Russian, that he'd better get a move on or they'll be late for the party. Robin Williams's lanky clown buddy from Moscow On The Hudson ["Hey! It's That Russian!" -- Wing Chun] walks in and hugs his grandson. He asks when they'll return, and his wife says it'll be around 3. They all kiss and hug, and the wife and grandson leave. The second they do, Bennet enters and says, in Russian, "Ivan, my old friend!" He smacks the man hard across the face. "We need to talk." Dang!

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