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A Virus Without A Cure -- Kind Of Like Britney Spears

Back in the past, the Tedious Trio is preparing to take on White Beard's Camp of Thousands. Even with his and Kensei's powers, Hiro's not sure it's going to be a successful rescue. Across the way, Yaeko is completing her lovely artistic interpretation of the camp below, even though I'm thinking maybe she should, I don't know, be sharpening her SWORD instead of inking her BRUSH? Hiro tries to convince Yaeko not to come with them on the raid, but she insists that she's no petite fleur, and that as long as her man Kensei is by her side, she has nothing to fear. She looks at her pretty painting and wonders how they will find her father amidst all these many tents. Hiro repeats what he knows from the storybook his father used to read to him, and says that the sword smith will be found in the tent that has smoke rising from it. He points it out on the painting, and the tent he selects is red, while all the others are tan; stellar camouflage there, White Beard. Yaeko chastises him for guessing when her father's life is at stake, but then softens and asks him why he's still there, fighting for a man he doesn't even know. Before Hiro can answer, Kensei appears, and elatedly announces that the sword smith will be found in the big-ass red tent that looks like it belongs to the head dude. Oh, and that also has smoke rising from it. That's probably important, too. Yaeko looks at Hiro suspiciously and he just geeks something about how awesome Kensei is and runs off to get ready for battle.

Odessa. Ivan is now chained to a chair with his hands behind his back as Bennet interrogates him about the ElderPaintings. Ivan just blathers that he's not in the business anymore and has nothing to say about any paintings. Bennet orders Ivan to cut the crap and tell Bennet where the paintings are. "You think you intimidate me?" gruffs Ivan. "I trained you! You and your invisible partner, Claude! I taught you everything!" Bennet gets up into his face: "Then you know what I'm capable of. Don't make me do this!" When Ivan doesn't give up the goods, Bennet steps back, and the Haitian Sensation steps forward. Bennet informs Ivan that if he doesn't spill on the paintings, the Haitian Sensation will perform the neat little trick of erasing all the memories Ivan holds dear. He then lists several potential valuable memories Ivan might have, such as his wedding day and the births of his sons, but Ivan still doesn't cave. So the Haitian Sensation stretches out his hand...

...and when we return from the break, Bennet's asking Ivan details about his wife, but of course, the man can't remember a thing. This spooks him, but he still refuses to talk. Bennet's phone rings; it's Claire, asking to borrow the car for a cheerleader outing that night. Bennet agrees, but only if she promises to lock the damn thing this time. For no reason whatsoever, Claire grows suspicious of her father's whereabouts and asks where he is. He lies that he's in Tulsa. Claire tries to dig deeper, her brow furrowing with concern. Bennet just gets off the phone after they exchange "I love you"s. West shows up with a ski mask, and Claire says she's in.

In Odessa, Ivan taunts Bennet with the statement that it must be difficult for Claire, always worrying about being discovered: "Aren't you tired of running?" Bennet says that he's doing all this to protect her, but Ivan's not buying it: "You can't hide forever." Bennet orders the Haitian Sensation to remove every trace of the Bennet clan from Ivan's memory. Ivan tells him to wait: family is important to him, just like it is to Bennet, and maybe they can make a deal. Unfortunately, the deal Ivan offers is renewed membership in The Company. Considering the fact that Bennet's trying to BRING DOWN the damn place, this deal falls on deaf ears. Bennet looks up and sees a picture across the room featuring Ivan, his wife, two boys, and a girl. He seems to consider this as Ivan hisses that he'll get his life back as well as all the information on the paintings he wants. Dude. He can take your memories away and he HATES The Company -- what the hell makes you think he's going to go for ANYTHING you suggest? You really should go back to clowning.

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