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A Virus Without A Cure -- Kind Of Like Britney Spears

Japan. Again. So Kensei cuts the chains and they run through the camp and everyone chases after them and Kensei fights off one guard at a time, and then a thug shows up with a gun and aims at Yaeko and Hiro and Hiro sees this and squints his eyes and grabs Yaeko and...they wind up in a distant region of Northern California somewhere. Yaeko's thoroughly freaked out, seeing as they're no longer in running through White Beard's camp and all. She asks what Hiro's done, but before he can answer, we cut to commercials.

After the break, Hiro is walking up the California hillside that's standing in for ancient Japan as Yaeko follows him, sniping at him to tell her what the hell is going on. Hiro tries to fake that he didn't do anything, and that Kensei will explain everything, but Yaeko's no dummy. She tells him that she knows HE did it because he held her and then...they were here. She knows Hiro can move people from one place to another. And then she covers up the lower part of his face and realizes that he was the one who saved her from the thugs. He says he only wanted to fix history. She says he was the one under the cherry blossoms. "Do you...love me, Hiro?" "I do! Very much!" "Everything I loved in Kensei came from you!" Yaeko moves toward Hiro, and they're about to kiss when Hiro stops time and says, "But...the space/time continuum..." And then he goes, "Fuck it," and restarts time and then they're totally making out. Unfortunately, Kensei's watching this whole thing from a distance, because taking out an entire army only takes a few minutes and allows you to wander the countryside until you accidentally happen upon your friends making out in a field. "It was the kiss that fractured time," says Hiro in a voice-over as we switch back to Ando in the restorer's office. "It changed me forever, Ando." Then, suddenly, the voice-over stops. Ando's all, "Bwuh?" It would appear that that was the last scroll, and the story stops right there. Of course, it totally doesn't; it just stops for Ando. We'll catch up with the end of Hiro's story later.

Right now, we have to go to America, near the border with Mexico, where Alejandro is attempting to kick the shit out of Sylar, even though Sylar has about five feet and fifty pounds on the guy. Maya finally breaks it up, saying that she did what she had to do to save them all. Alejandro tells her that she has to choose: either Sylar goes or he does. Oh, honey. Never make a woman choose between her sibling and a potential lay. It will NOT end well, and you'll wind up alone. And bitter. Sure enough, Maya tells her brother not to make her choose. She thinks Sylar can take them to salvation. Alejandro glumly agrees to let Sylar stay, but says that the next time Maya's eyes go black, she shouldn't reach for his hand, because it won't be there. Maya goes to get something for Sylar's busted lip, and he takes this moment to tell Alejandro in English that he's only helping them to get his hands on Maya's abilities and that, when he gets his power back, he's going to kill both of them because hi, they're useless. "And even if I don't get my power back," adds Sylar with a smile, "it's not a total loss. Because Maya's learning quickly. She's a shiny new toy. And she's all mine." I totally wanted Alejandro to look at him and go, "Yo hablo inglés, gringo!" and then shoot him. But it didn't happen. That would've been awesome, though.

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