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A Virus Without A Cure -- Kind Of Like Britney Spears

New Orleans. Monica enters her home as Tobby tells her that she's covered at work and at home for her absence. He then hands her a folder filled with information regarding The Company, and her abilities. He pulls out an iPod and tells her it's fully loaded with thousands of videos that she can use to practice her powers. "Wow," she says skeptically. "Support, advice, and now gifts. Like my own personal Oprah." Heh. I like Monica. She has a good blend of wonder and skepticism that comes across nicely. "You have an amazing gift," says Tobby. "So, look around. Seems like this town could use a little amazing." She delivers a heartfelt thanks, and Tobby leaves.

Back at The Company, Mohinder's just hanging around some random lab, wondering where his boyfriend Matt is. Niki enters, looking fabulous, so we know it's probably really Jessica. Mohinder's surprised to see her, and asks how she's doing. She says that she's feeling better, and that she's back to her old self, thanks to The Company. She says that she's Mohinder's new partner; Tobby told her that they were having some trust issues, and that she's there to make sure there are no more misunderstandings. So...she's Mohinder's bodyguard? His jailer? His personal assistant? This is a very vague assignment, here. And she's wearing a kick-ass suit, so I'd say it's also a very OMINOUS assignment for Mohinder.

Odessa. Bennet and the Haitian Sensation are removing the ElderPaintings from a crate and assembling them on the floor. The first one is Kaito's death; then what looks like a hand holding a vial; the third one looks like an angry blonde woman banging on a crate or a boarded-up window or wall. There's a fourth one in the background, but we don't see what it is yet. Painting #6 appears to be Hiro or Peter fighting Kensei. Painting #7 looks like it's either Sylar or Peter with a bandaged nose and a smoking gun, and Painting #8, of course, is Dead Bennet. So...that's seven of eight paintings, and we can't even see the fourth, right? Am I missing anything? "What does it mean?" asks Bennet. I don't know, dude! I can't see the fourth painting and the fifth one's missing!!!

Speaking of paintings, Peter and Caitlin are looking at theirs as they stand outside the building depicted within it. They're in Montreal, looking up at the red "S" above the door. They enter the building, and Peter flicks on the light. It's a big room filled with a bunch of crap. Across the way, there's a mirror with a tag that has Peter's name written on it. He grabs it and turns it over. "We were right about The Company," it reads. "The world is in danger. It's up to us. Adam." Caitlin asks whether Peter knows an Adam, but Peter just angrily says that none of it rings a bell. He doesn't know what the hell he's supposed to do about the world being in danger. Caitlin hugs Peter, who whispers, "Please tell me who I am. What the future holds." Peter opens his eyes, and he and Caitlin are standing in front of a lovely matte painting of Times Square. Caitlin looks around and asks how they got there. Peter doesn't know, but he knows they're in New York. Or, you know, on a soundstage in front of a matte painting of New York. The wind blows papers around and the place looks deserted. At least, there are no neon lights and no tourists standing stock still in the middle of the pavement gawking at the traffic. Caitlin asks where everyone is, and Peter picks up a flyer from the ground. It's an evacuation order for June 14th, 2008. They're in the future. And New York is in trouble. Oooh. I think Heroes is going to start picking up speed...

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