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"I Can't Bring Nathan Back, Peter. But I Can Sure as Hell Swing a Sledgehammer."
s: "Guess who!" He pretends he thinks she's someone named Candy, but then says, "Oh, I'm in trouble. It's my wife." They kiss and she asks how the world's most handsome salesman is. He says he stinks at this, because he has no killer instinct (riiiiiiiight), but somebody has to pay the rent. She thinks he belongs home writing plays. I guess when they go back and create new backstories for Bennet, they keep changing their minds. Although writing plays is sort of related to teaching high school English. She says they could live on love, and he thinks that would be nice. They kiss, but then he asks her if something's wrong. She says she has some unexpected news: She's pregnant. She stammers that they didn't plan this and she knows he likes to be the man with the plan. But he's so happy he picks her up and spins her around. Then we're back with Claire, who looks at her dad and says, "You had another wife and family?" He apologizes for never telling her, but she says it doesn't matter. She tells Samuel to let him go, but he asks if she's the least bit curious about what happened to HRG's first wife. Samuel says there are reasons he kept it a secret, and he'll leave them with Damien. HRG yells after him not to do this.

But then we're back in Bennett's black and white past. His wife is happy on their couch, because he's ordered a double order of pot stickers since she's eating for two. They talk about being parents: He can't wait. A knock at the door. It's the Chinese food delivery guy. HRG answers, and the shifty-eyed delivery guy says Mr. Yin couldn't make it, then he holds them up with powers. It's Sylar's power to move things with his hands, so he throws Noah against the wall and asks for all of their money. Noah tells his wife to just give the guy her purse. She does, but the "special" isn't happy about how much money is in it. HRG tells him that's all they have, but his wife asks "What are you?" Instead of nicely replying, "A special, of course," he throws her against the glass coffee table and leaves. Problem is, she was shish-kebabed on the table's frame. HRG jumps down and runs over to her. Claire looks on sadly. So far this seems to make her sympathize, not hate him. It appears Samuel's not exactly a rocket scientist. Commercials. I'm almost embarrassed to say that Dawson appearing on Mercy makes me want to watch.

Funky camerawork zooms in on the empty New York street, then on suns and moons so we know time has passed. Peter broods on a graffitied rooftop, sadly missing the other half of the Ambiguously Gay Duo. Sylar finds him, and tells him he can't go forever without talking to him, and it's been a month. Peter says he's not going to spend the rest of his life alone with Sylar, and it's not exactly heaven for Sylar either. Which is a total lie, as we all know. Sylar hearts Peter. But what about us? Don't they all know that we don't want this storyline either? Sylar offers Peter a comic book, since he knows he's a fan. Awww, sweet. But Peter just wants Sylar to focus, so they can leave. Sylar tells him to face the fact that Emma and whoever she killed is already dead. Peter punches Sylar in the face (?) and says, "The only thing that's real ... is us." Okay, that's the Ambiguously Gayest line of the episode, for sure, right? Can they get any gayer? They look into each other's eyes, then leave the rooftop.

Down on the street, Peter tells Sylar this is just a dream, but Sylar asks how there are books here, then; did Parkman put them here? Peter says they're in Sylar's head, but Sylar says he didn't read 9th Wonders! Peter did, so maybe they're in his head now. Oh my god, who cares? Peter agrees with me, and tries to move it along, asking Sylar if he doesn't want to get out of here. Sylar too quickly is like, "Yeah, of course," so Peter realizes Sylar doesn't want to. Sylar says maybe he deserves this aloneness and this nothing. Peter agrees that maybe he does, but says he can't get out of here alone, so he needs Sylar's help. Sylar throws down his messenger bag, and tells Peter he wants to help. He walks close to him and they gaze into each other's eyes. Then they notice a giant wall behind them in the street. Peter realizes it's their way out, since it's the wall in the basement. He says they have to break through. The camera jumps up above the city and we see the brick wall goes all around them in a several-block radius.

Back at the Carnival, Lauren's made her way there and is walking through nervously looking around. She manages to find the medical tent and starts stealing gauze and stuff, when Emma interrupts her. She realizes Lauren's hurt, says she's a doctor (not exactly), and helps her. Lauren tells Emma she doesn't have to do this, since she doesn't want her to get in trouble. Emma exposits to say that again, since she has a hearing loss. Lauren says she's here to stop Samuel, and Emma asks if she was with the man who shot everyone. Lauren says HRG didn't fire his gun, and that Samuel was responsible, but Emma says she's wrong about him. Lauren tells her that he is trying to galvanize his people around a common enemy. Lauren hears Samuel coming and asks Emma not to tell him she's here. She hides behind a curtain as Emma greets Samuel. He can tell something's up, so he asks if everything's all right. He signs that they're not alone, and then says they don't keep secrets. She signs to him that "she" says he's a bad man, who shot his own people. Samuel signs she's misinformed, asks to talk to Lauren, and lets Emma leave. When she's gone, Samuel tells Lauren it's all right; he just wants to talk.

Back in the House of Mirrors, Claire finally reacts to what she saw before that last commercial: "Your first wife was murdered by a special?" He says yeah, but it was a long time ago and the person he was then died that night with her. He cries and then says he's sorry he never told her. Claire says it's okay, because some things you just can't say out loud. She asks if that's why he joined the company and became Mr. Bag and Tag. Damien starts his mirror show again, despite Claire saying she doesn't need to see anymore. In the black and white, HRG starts his first wall of weird, with a map and thumbtacks and newspaper clippings, just like now. Time moves forward a year, and he's adding photos to points on the map. Then he goes to visit one. When the guy gets home, HRG is holding a gun on him, and asks him not to move. The guy offers up his wallet, but HRG says he's not after his money; he wants information because he knows what he is and what he can do. HRG wants information about someone else like him. The guy asks if there are really other people like him, and HRG tells him not to play stupid. He describes the delivery guy, but the guy swears he doesn't know anyone else like him. HRG doesn't believe him, so the guy throws a fireball. HRG ducks, and then shoots the guy. His first kill. In his defense, the guy did throw a fireball, and HRG looks shocked at himself for it. But then he quickly wipes his fingerprints off the gun and leaves it there, making it look like a suicide, I guess. But who shoots himself in the chest? Commercials.

Still in the House of Mirrors, HRG tells Claire it was an accident, but she wonders why he brought a gun. He says he didn't know what to expect, and was scared. She realizes it was the first time he killed anyone, and now she's interested. She asks what happens next and the black and white picture show starts back up. HRG's still selling cars, and he's a lot more of a killer now, threatening people that if they don't buy it, he has another buyer chomping at the bit. Then Eric Roberts (whom I don't think we've seen since Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6Next





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