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"I Can't Bring Nathan Back, Peter. But I Can Sure as Hell Swing a Sledgehammer."
withoutpity.com/show/heroes/villains_1a.php?page=2" target="_blank">Villains) shows up, but he's not looking for a car, as you might have guessed. He's there to ask about HRG's little side project, finding specials. (Eric calls the guy a special, too, which is dumb, because they didn't used to call them that, did they?) He tells HRG his secret (that he killed the repairman) is safe with him, but they want him to come work for them. Cut to Claire and then to another scene of Eric Roberts and HRG at dinner. Eric Roberts wants to know how the "one of us, one of them" is working out for him, and they mention Claude, which is even more awesome because there's a third glass at the table. HRG talks about how he doesn't trust him because he's abnormal, and I wish we would have found out Claude was sitting there the whole time. Because I think he was. Eric Roberts tells HRG his case is unusual, so it's only natural he'd harbor a grudge. He mentions three deaths attributed to Bennet. As they talk, we hear Ashley Crow's voice and see a "Sandra" nametag as the waitress leaves their sandwiches. Eric Roberts tells HRG he needs to take a wife and start a family to put his life in balance and calm himself down. Bennet says he can't do that again, but Eric Roberts says that cute waitress will do fine. Bennet turns and sees Sandra, then asks Eric Roberts what if he refuses. Eric Roberts says he won't.

Back in the House of Mirrors, Claire yells that it's like the Company arranged his marriage. Bennet says they encouraged him, but he chose Sandra because he loved her. Claire says the Company seems to make a lot of his decisions, but Bennet says it's all over; it's the past. Then we see black and white images of Thanksgiving weekend (apparently, even though Damien can show Sylar's life in color, even HRG's recent memories are in black and white). He asks where Claire is, and she says she doesn't know, but he tells her she doesn't have to lie. He knows Claire stole the compass, and that they drove to the Carnival, but wants to know why she didn't come back. He says the Carnival people are killers, and Gretchen says she knows, but he has to trust Claire to know if people aren't good for her. HRG tells Gretchen she has to stop encouraging her, and that she's happy here in college living a normal life. Gretchen says it's not enough for her, but he says it has to be. The Haitian walks in, and Gretchen asks why, is he going to erase her memory (how did she know what he does? I guess we're supposed to assume Claire told her after the episode where she didn't?). He says no, not if she does what he asks. When it's over, HRG immediately tells Claire he didn't know where she was or what to do. She says he doesn't trust her (well, he trusted her last episode and look where he is now). She yells at him for threatening Gretchen, and says this wasn't some distant past; this was now. She leaves him alone with the mirrors (and probably Damien, but we haven't seen him in awhile; we're just supposed to assume he's there).

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