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Like Coyote Sands Through the Hourglass...

When we return, Ken Choi, with ever so much Southern charm, politely asks that Hiro and Ando take the baby hell and gone away from his damn truck, which they do. Soon after, they try a series of funny faces to attempt to get Baby Matt to stop crying. Of course, it's the most undignified one possible that works, and Hiro frantically gets behind the wheel as Ando complains that he won't be able to hold it all the way to New York. I thought that Hiro would show some industry by freezing Ando in that position (and in fact, now that he's got the car started, he should do so to Baby Matt for the rest of the ride) but maybe he's not used to having his power back yet. Still a missed opportunity in my opinion, though.

Danko and the blonde emerge from the house, and given the nature of their relationship, if Matt tried to read Danko's mind while he was in there I can only assume it would have sent him running off in search of the nearest public shower. Whether or not that's the case, though, Matt is currently lurking around the side of the house, and he hears the woman call Danko "Jakob" and Danko tell her that he has to fly back to Chicago that night. Now that I see the woman's face, I recognize her as the adult Lilith from Supernatural, and suddenly their relationship makes a lot more sense, since boning Danko definitely seems like it should be one of the elements necessary to release Lucifer from Hell. Anyway, Danko says, at least for him, a tender goodbye...

...and soon after, Matt is sneaking into the house. He sees Lilith in the kitchen, and draws his gun as if to shoot her in the back, like, AS IF he would do that, and also it wouldn't hurt her anyway, since she's an all-powerful demon. After he of course can't go through with it and puts his gun away, she turns and almost jumps out of her skin as she asks him in a Slavic accent of indeterminate origin who he is. After Matt babbles and doesn't answer and starts to leave, though, she concludes he's from the "escort service," and says she told them she was finished with that "but they never listen." Well, Lilith, you can't blame them -- I'm sure all the Goth boys want you and no one else. Anyway, Matt learns that "Jakob" was originally a client, and convinces Lilith that the two of them are co-workers, which pleases her, because she's never met any of his friends. She insists Matt sit so she can grill him, and rather than have his entrails unceremoniously ripped out, he obliges.

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