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Like Coyote Sands Through the Hourglass...

Sandra returns to her hotel room, but no sooner has she put down her purse than she hears the click of a gun that's pointed at the back of her head. She quavers that there's cash in her bag, but Bennet snarls that if she says another word, she dies. Again, it's not logical for Bennet to think that Sylar would be walking around as Sandra after he's done what he intended to do, and I really don't think Bennet would go through with this without being absolutely sure he's not killing his wife, but I've said my piece...

...so when we get back from commercial, I can at least enjoy the acting, which is first-rate in this scene. Sandra tries to convince Bennet of her identity by telling him things only they'd know, but Bennet's so convinced he's right that he thinks Sylar must have stolen a mind-reading power, perhaps by killing Matt. He shoves Sandra down onto a desk, holding her by the nape of her neck, as he asks if Danko's been in on the plan, and it's upsetting to watch, as Sandra eventually begs him in the name of their children not to kill her. Bennet looks like he's having a moment of doubt, and it's great work by Jack Coleman as you see him struggle to push away the terror that goes with the thought he might actually be manhandling his wife here. Sandra's phone then rings, and Bennet answers to find it's Lyle, who's typically not even curious to know why his estranged father is answering his mother's phone. Instead, he says he's supposed to give Mr. Muggles a pill while Sandra's away, and he forgot where she keeps them. Knowing this is something Sylar couldn't read from his mind, Bennet asks Sandra where they are, and once Lyle confirms she's given the right answer, Bennet starts to cry, hangs up, and lets Sandra go. Sandra just lies there for a moment, which is awesome and heartbreaking, but then gets up and tells Bennet to get out. Bennet tries to explain what happened, but she half-shrieks for him to leave. He desperately tells her she has to believe him, but the answer he gets is worse than anything Sylar-as-Sandra said: "I do believe you. But it doesn't matter. It's too late." She once again orders him to leave...

...and in the hallway, Bennet gets a very ugly look on his face before moving away from the locked door. I'd almost feel worried for Sylar if I didn't want him dead, and also didn't know that that will never, ever happen.

Lilith shows up at Danko's apartment (did he just take a four-hour lunch for some reason?) and then Matt appears behind her, gun in hand. They all head inside, and after Matt closes the door, he sneers that when he was a cop, he was surrounded by "basket cases" like Danko -- men whose jobs were such a nightmare they would seek out anything to ease the pain. Probably true, but if I were Lilith I'd be like, "I may be the ESL version of Pretty Woman here, but I'm not so dumb that I think that's a compliment." Speaking of whom, Matt tells Lilith that her boyfriend kills people for a living, and instead of being turned on by that, Lilith is shocked. Matt then uses his power to force Danko to come clean about his identity and his job, and also what he did to Daphne. He admits that he didn't tell her the truth because he knew if he did, she wouldn't love him, and Matt, realizing that Danko truly cares about Lilith, again makes like he's going to shoot her in cold blood, saying it's the only way Danko will understand what he did to Matt. Danko, however, calls his bluff, inviting him to go ahead while promising he'll continue with the program no matter what. Lilith is, understandably, rather devastated to hear all this, and Matt apologizes, getting overcome himself as he points out that this is what Danko's reduced both of them to. "In his world, there is no room for mercy." After another moment of indecision, Matt finally lets it go, literally and figuratively, as his gun clatters to the floor, and Danko doesn't waste any time picking up his own weapon off a nearby shelf and leveling it at Matt. Lilith screams for him not to, but Matt tells him to go ahead, and he shoots -- but time suddenly freezes. Hiro enters and, seeing the bullet in midair, marvels, "Oh. Close one." Heh. He gets Matt into a chair and wheels him out of there, and then time restarts. After Danko runs out into the hall and sees no one, Lilith faces him: "Monster!" Takes one to know one. She tells him to stay away from her, and runs out as Danko is left to sad-face his way into the commercial break.

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