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Hiro Quixote and Ando Panza

At the hospital, Mossy/Grassy is being checked out. Emma tells Samuel his infection will be gone in a few days and Samuel's so grateful to her for helping get him in. She says it's easy to do when you're a file clerk. Samuel tells her if she ever wants to help more, they could use a doctor and a siren where he lives. He gives her a compass, which starts spinning. He tells her to find her direction. She says she will. As she walks off, Mossy/Grassy tells Samuel that Emma's different like him, but Samuel corrects him that they're not different, they're special. Mossy/Grassy's always felt alone in the world, and Samuel says many of them feel that way, but not for long. "Let's go home." As they walk out, there's a live newscast of "Breaking News": Nathan's plane crashed and he's dead. Oh, and he was the pilot and only person on the plane. Samuel looks serious about it, but I can't tell why he cares. Maybe he wonders if Sylar really might have died?

Doyle still has Claire up against the trailer, but she knows he's getting weak or he would have forced her mouth shut. He tells her not to tempt him, but he is visibly weakening. Apparently being at this place where he doesn't need to use his powers all the time has lowered his endurance or something? Because remember when he held Claire, Sandra, and Meredith for practically a whole episode? Claire tells Doyle again that Samuel's up to something and is lying. Doyle says Samuel's a good man; he's sure because he's good now and hasn't done anything bad since he got here. You know, other than pinning the occasional teenage girl against a trailer. Doyle says that Joseph set him straight and taught him what was good and true about his ability. Interesting that Joseph would bring heroes to the carnival knowing that they'd increase Samuel's power. It also makes me wonder if Micah helped get people to the carnival since he's the one who told Claire how to help Doyle when she sent him off to his new life. Claire asks if Joseph's Samuel's brother, and Doyle says he didn't want to let Samuel in at first but Samuel convinced him. Claire tells Doyle she doesn't want to destroy this place, but if Samuel's putting people in danger, that's a problem. Doyle lets her go and tells her to talk to Lydia; she knows. She thanks him and heads off.

When she finds Lydia the Tattooed Lady, she tells her she was in his trailer and wants to know why he has a map of the valley. Lydia just looks at her, but Claire pushes, pointing out that Lydia wanted her to go in there so she wants to know why. Lydia says Samuel wasn't always in charge; that Joseph was their real father and he made this place a home. She misses him; they all do. Claire asks what happened to him, and Lydia's silence gives it away. Claire: "He killed him, didn't he?" Lydia says he's lost his way and she's scared for everyone there. Claire says she woke up this morning unsure about this place, but she realizes now this place is a home for everyone and the only thing wrong with it is Samuel. Lydia asks Claire to please help find someone who can stop him. She says she will, and takes off. But Eli captures her and says, "No buried treasure for you, Nancy Drew." Whatever that means.

Samuel shows up after a commercial break to find a bickering Claire and Eli. He asks Eli what he was thinking, but Samuel lies that Claire's not a prisoner; and if she wants to go she can go. Claire storms toward Samuel, "Not a prisoner?! It feels that way with copy boy over here." She asks if Samuel ever gets sick of him. Samuel tells Claire to stay or go; it's still her choice. She says she'll go after Samuel tells her what happened to Joseph. He asks Eli to give them a minute, and Claire smirks at Eli. Samuel asks Claire if Lydia told her, but she says, "No. I asked her. She wouldn't." Samuel picks up the picture of himself and his brother as Claire asks if it's true that he killed him. Samuel says he lost control. Claire, outraged: "Like that is an excuse?!" Samuel says he told the government about "us," and asks her if she remembers them. He says they lured him in, the people who had been chasing them for years. Danko, who worked alongside Noah and imprisoned Claire. He asks Claire how she thinks her father got the compass, but she says this is NOT about her father. Oh, honey, it really is. I'm more and more convinced that it's him and revenge Samuel's after. But Claire says this is about what Samuel did. At this point, Samuel starts to cry and act remorseful. He agrees it was awful, but Joseph put them all in danger after years of freedom. Claire asks if murder was the answer, and Samuel says Claire of all people should understand how far a father will go to protect his family. "Hasn't your father lied, cheated, even killed, to protect you?" Yes, Samuel, but the difference is that HRG is awesome. Claire asks what's going on out in that valley.

Next thing we know we're across the canyon in the valley, where Mossy/Grassy is standing looking at the ground. Samuel tells Claire that every artist needs a canvas and Ian (that's Mossy/Grassy) is Picasso. Ian says he needs water, so Samuel conjures some from the earth. Then Ian leans down and touches the ground, and green grass sprouts up all around him from the barren land. Claire smiles as the whole place becomes lush and flowered. Ian says it's beautiful, and Samuel tells him "It's you. It's who you are." Claire agrees that it's beautiful, and I think she's actually been convinced, but dear god, I hope not. How can she have discovered all that other stuff just to be convinced Samuel's good. What would be the point of the episode? She asks what this place is, and Samuel says, "Our new home. My brother would have loved it." He says Joseph never believed it was possible, or that Samuel could make it real. He tells Claire this is why he needs a bigger family, to build the future. He says this could be Claire's home, too, but she turns and says she has a home and she'd like to go back to it. He tells her of course, but to remember she's free and she can always come back to this home, whenever she wants. She says she knows and walks away. She looks back fondly at Samuel and Ian as her phone buzzes.

She listens to her two voicemails as she walks away. The first is from HRG, telling her they need to talk, Claire Bear, so call him. The second is from Peter, who says, "Um, you need to call me. Something happened. We have a lot we need to talk about." It turns slow motion as we flash to Peter walking by a flag-covered casket and around to his mother. HRG's there, too, very obviously looking for Claire. No sign of Rena Sofer, but there are two small boys in the front row of chairs at the funeral as we see a taxi pull up in the back and Claire finally gets out, to the relief of Noah, who never stopped searching for her. She walks up to him, and he touches her arm and says he's glad she's safe. She asks, "From what? Where I came from or this lie?" He says he knows she took the compass, and she says she's not giving it back. She walks to a point next to the front row of chairs, which contain a dark-haired, veiled woman, two little boys, and Mama Petrelli. There's also an empty one, which is Peter's.

He's standing at the head of the casket, and starts talking. He says his brother, Nathan, taught him a lot: how to ride a skateboard, how to hook a marlin, how to catch a baseball (he doesn't mention how to fly or how to love another man). He says usually a father would teach his son these things, but Dad wasn't around, so it was Nathan. Peter wishes it had been his father, because Nathan didn't make it easy (as opposed to his easygoing father?). He says Nathan would throw high or low, and Peter would ask him to make it easy. Nathan would tell him that's not how it's going to come at him in a game and now Peter understands Nathan just wanted him to be ready for anything. Claire cries as Nathan touches the casket and says, "I'm ready, Brother. For whatever comes." Angela looks away as Peter kisses the casket. Then the military funeral stuff starts, with the honor guard folding the flag and presenting it to Angela, then the gun salute, and the military flyover. It's pretty sad, all things considered ("all things" being how many times Nathan's already died). Everyone watches, but we end on Peter. As we should. And then we get chyrons telling us there's another episode ... "Now!" Oh, we're so lucky.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, cries at funerals -- even if it's the third or fourth time some

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