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Caught In A Hit-And-Run

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Caught In A Hit-And-Run

In the limo Paula talks about how she's gone nonstop since getting to New York. Tomorrow she has to do radio promotion for AI, so tonight she has to sleep. Uh huh. She's wearing a cute scarf with little skulls on it. She's also rubbing her head all over one of her assistants, non-sequituring that she likes Dunkin Donuts coffee. Finally she gets out of the limo. It takes forever. I timed it. Forever, that's how long it took.

The "next" day, although she's wearing the same jacket as "yesterday" with the scarf from "last night," so who fucking knows. Jeff paves the way for what we're about to see with some excuses: Paula hasn't slept, and now she has "the flu" as well. Paula gets made up. She explains why she's all fidgety -- it has something to do with the cameras on her -- but she does sound "nasally" so the flu thing is perhaps true. She goes live, and there's miscommunication re: who she's talking to (the interviewer vs. her earpiece? I don't know, and nobody in the control room seems to either), but it's totally an A/V issue and not Paula's fault at all, so…yeah, Paula being totally rando isn't that interesting to begin with, but if this isn't…that, even? Why is this show even on?

After the break, Jeff talks about how you worry about tech things going wrong, not about Paula. …Okay. I guess you kind of can't worry about it, strictly speaking, because there's nothing you can really do.

Not one minute later, Jeff is talking about how Paula is getting more and more "erratic" and he's never seen her this bad. Jeff: either she's a no-problem pro, or she's a disaster. Decide which it is and get another job, not necessarily in that order. And on top of that? She's not even that bad.

Finally, it's over. She talks a little about how it's "pretty painless," and gets in her limo. Then there's a montage of press coverage of Paula's appearance on these satellite interviews, which you probably remember from earlier this year, and whose side is the show on, anyway, like…I don't get it. It's…not a good show, you guys.

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