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Dangerous Liaisons

Previously on Hidden Palms, Liza found Greta's blood-stained Halloween costume from the night Eddie became Dead Eddie hidden in Cliff's room. But more importantly, Cliff and Nikki did it! And Greta and Johnny almost did it! And then we found out Cliff and Dead Eddie's Mom have been doing it! Finally this show starts delivering on its promise.

We open this week with Greta at the country club, lamenting to Johnny the fact that her father has chosen to stay in town and publicly make out with college-aged floozies. Johnny takes her back to his house, where Greta gets twitchy at the sight of Johnny's bedroom, which used to be Eddie's bedroom. She proceeds to get even more freaked out when Johnny produces the bloody Halloween costume that Liza found. At least, we're left to assume she's freaked, since God knows what she's feeling at a given moment with that godawful acting.

Meanwhile, Cliff and Maria -- a.k.a., Dead Eddie's Mom -- roll around post-coitally, basking in their dirty, nasty afterglow. "You're talented," she pants. "Yeah, I used to play the French horn," he smirks. Nasty! Thank God for Cliff, man. She says she had a lot to deal with, after Eddie died, but Cliff should plan on seeing a lot more of her from now on. Cliff, however, has to split, which instantly flips Maria's "jealous harpy" switch. Cliff's response is a glorified "Down, girl," which is why we love him so.

Back in Johnny's room with the bloody angel costume, we're treated to an especially poorly acted scene in which Greta says it's none of Johnny's business, Johnny claims some bullshit eminent domain wherein the fact that he lives in Eddie's room entitles him to an explanation, and Greta gives in and spills. Eddie never showed up at the Halloween party at the club that night, after hearing from Cliff that he and Greta slept together, so Cliff left to go find him. Greta was worried about "what Cliff might do," so she went to Eddie's house, too, and when she got there, Eddie was dead and very bloody. Cliff convinced her to lie about being there and to give him the angel costume so he could destroy it, which he obviously never did. She claims that this, at long last, is the truth. She better hope it's not, because if it is, she's got less to do with the plot than poor Jessie Jo, The Sage And Sober Drag Queen.

Greta's dad spots Karen at the Club and asks for her help in finding a birthday present for Tess. He does so in his usual smarmy/flirty way, and Karen just walks right into it, letting him sniff her arm to get the scent of a perfume he should buy. Bob shows up after Skip leaves and tells Karen there's something about that guy he just doesn't like. Shot in the dark here, Bob, but was it the way he smelled your wife's arm? Karen says -- literally, if you can believe it -- "He's not so bad, once you get to know him." Karen, Karen, Karen. The arm-sniffers are always bad news. Stay away!

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