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Second Chances

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Second Chances

First off, many thanks to Lauren S and Jacob for helping me out the last two weeks as the CW decided to kill this show off as swiftly as possible. Anyway, previously: Greta kept tearfully confessing things, Dead Eddie's mom was a ho-bag, and there was video evidence of Liza sleeping with Dead Eddie.

Johnny shows up at Liza's garagabatory, spinning his wheels about exactly how guilty Maria and Skip are. He seems to believe that, had Skip simply killed Eddie, Maria wouldn't be blackmailing him, which means Maria must have done something. Meanwhile, it looks like Tess has spent the whole night staring at her sleeping son and letting the cigarettes burn down to her fingers. Cliff cannily "explains" his and Maria's affair, making sure to couch Maria in the most predatory and betraying light possible, which totally gets Tess back on his side. Back at her place, Maria watches video on a laptop of Eddie tearfully telling his video diary that "my mom knows I know," followed by Maria walking in on him. They start to argue, but Maria shuts the laptop before we see anything illuminating.

Nikki's waitressing at the Club now, because it is the number one and indeed only employer in Palm Springs, and she has to ward off Cliff's attempts at an apology. And since Johnny currently suspects Maria of killing Eddie, he's cool with Cliff again, and Cliff agrees to try and score Eddie's laptop -- which Johnny believes holds incriminating video diaries -- in exchange for Johnny putting in a good word for him with Nikki. Greta voices her suspicions about Maria to Skip, who changes the subject by turning it into another round of Greta And Skip Sing "Papa Was A Rolling Stone."

Karen's been stress baking due to her ongoing fight with Bob, and she and Johnny reverse roles, with Johnny now being the calm pro-Bob voice and Karen refusing to shut up about Johnny's dad. Cliff tries for a grand gesture of roses, but Nikki cuts him down before he can get the charm levels above sixty. Though she can't seem to stop staring at him as he walks away either. Turns out Cliff was walking over to Maria's table on the patio. He half-heartedly tries to romance her, but they're interrupted by Tess. That's Palm Springs for you. Can't even seduce your dead best friend's mom without getting cock-blocked by your own mom. Maria defends herself to Tess with a line of "you don't know what I've been though" bullshit about Eddie, even though Eddie was perfectly alive when the affair started. Tess says she pities Maria, and Maria tells her to shove it.

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Hidden Palms




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