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What Liza Beneath

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What Liza Beneath

Previously: everybody hit Cliff in his beautiful face, and while the show doesn't think it's worth reminding us, we also found out that weirdo Liza is the one behind Johnny's mysterious instant messages.

Speaking of whom, Johnny catches sight of the neighborhood freakazoid carting one of her smoking failed experiments to the trash, so he pops on over to her garage-cum-laboratory for a visit. Liza's actually less squirrelly than she usually is, and Johnny's doing his usual flirting-without-realizing-it thing. He lets loose with a Williamsonism that sums up Liza: "Unlike people, science can't disappoint you." Tell it to the Creationists, kid. Liza notes how Johnny's fist failed to disappoint Cliff's face the other night, and says Cliff seems to have that effect on people. Johnny explains about the Cliff/Greta/Eddie weirdness (though not the IMs). Now's Liza's turn to look squirrelly. Liza lies(-a) that she didn't really know Eddie all that well, and then she looks past Johnny and sees her laptop screen with a ridiculously gigantic and prominent photo of Eddie with his arm around Liza on it. And unless Johnny has a giant laptop-shaped cataract on both of his eyes, there's no way he would have missed that. But miss it he does, and Liza's able to cover it up and shoos Johnny out the door, making tentative plans to "hang out."

Over at Cliff's house, we hear that finally someone's getting some action on this show. Of course, it's Tess and Travis, and Cliff is understandably grossed out. He's still trying to convince his mom that Travis is a loser, but Tess is still pretty invested in her youthful lover. I'm trying not to notice much of the mother/son creepout vibe and am chalking it up to Cliff being able have chemistry with a ceiling fan without much effort. And on that note, we see Cliff and Johnny kiss and make up after about a half-second of awkwardness, Cliff even apologizing for causing any friction with Greta. Cliff then lays out more Dead Eddie exposition: his parents split up after he died, his dad leaving town and his mom becoming a recluse in town.

At the Club, Johnny bitches about all his problems to Jessie Jo, who essentially tells him to avoid all this Palm Springs drama by...avoiding all the Palm Springs drama. And then Miss Palm Springs Drama 2007 shows up, flirty as you please with her 10-cent words and armchair psychoanalysis. It's like I get to relive the experience of hating Greta as if for the first time! Johnny finally wises up and tells her he can't be around her moody shit anymore, and she pouts off in a huff about it.

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