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What Liza Beneath

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What Liza Beneath

Under the guise of forwarding her mail, Johnny tracks down Eddie's mom, who's played by Valerie Cruz, who you've already forgotten from her role on the first season of Nip/Tuck. She played the woman who came between Christian and Sean before Ryan Murphy realized that role could be played by every single other female in the cast. They talk about her withdrawal from the community for a bit before Johnny totally smoothly (only totally not) segues into asking what Eddie's screen name used to be. Was it "08Nova"? Mama Eddie instantly gets her back up and says Johnny should go.

Hey, so Nikki's still around. She finds Jessie Jo at the Club and prods for clues about how Johnny's doing. Jessie Jo, like a good sponsor, ain't giving up anything and actually gives her the cold shoulder until his nurturing instincts kick in and he asks if she wants to talk or have a bite to eat. Nikki isn't in the mood for the twelve steps anymore, though, and she snots off. What is with people at the Club today?

Johnny has Liza over for some popcorn, video games, and Eddie talk. Liza keeps trying to float the idea that Eddie didn't kill himself at all and maybe, just possibly, this mystery IMer, whoever it may be, is trying to tell Johnny something. Johnny's basic point is: "This shit is totally fucking up my life and I wish it would stop," and Liza looks totally guilty. And then she shows that she's a total monster at Halo, which means she definitely killed Eddie with a high-powered sniper rifle.

Cliff continues fucking with Travis, claiming to be 100% sincere in his intention to make nice because Travis makes Tess happy. Even Travis getting all gross about his intentions to bleed mama's bank account dry and do her in the room next to Cliff's doesn't phase him. And, yes, Cliff does manage to flirt with him, a little. I don't know how he does it. Then he spots Nikki as he's leaving the pool hall and turns the charm up to eleven, going so far as to score the phone number of the flop house she's staying at.

Johnny's mom gets a call from Mama Eddie, and she's kind of disproportionately furious at him about it. Instead of telling his mom about the creepy IMs, Johnny just keeps repeating "he died in my room!" at louder and louder volumes, until he breaks down and runs off. I kind of see what they're going for here -- Johnny's dad died in his room, too, and he's trying to get closure on Eddie because he still can't wrap his head around his dad's death. The fact that Bob makes the same connection in about two scenes, however, tells me the show's not so confident that we get it. But up until now, the Eddie thing sought out Johnny, not the other way around, so I'm not sure we're to blame for this one.

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