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What Liza Beneath

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What Liza Beneath

Back at the Wiatt manor, Tess ogles Travis washing his car without a shirt on, while Cliff...ogles Travis washing his car without a shirt on. He asks Travis if he can take the car out for a spin, and Tess twists his arm to let him, saying Cliff is "making an effort." Elsewhere, Johnny finds Nikki at the Club and reads her the riot act. He says he's willing to be her friend and help her out, but not until she starts helping herself. After he storms off, Jessie Jo once again offers his mentor services, but Nikki once again blows him off.

Tess meets Mama Eddie -- we can call her "Maria" now -- at the Club and is more sincerely warm towards her than she's been to anyone else on the show, including her own son. Maria says it's about time she started getting back into the Palm Springs swing of things, but when she spots Cliff off torturing Greta for the fourth consecutive week, she approaches them. She's very sweet on the surface, but you get the sense near the end that she might be twisting the knife a bit with her "I hope you don't blame yourselves" talk. Whether she meant to or not, it works -- Cliff can barely meet her eyes, and once she leaves, Greta ONCE AGAIN says she just can't lie anymore. Uh huh. Wake me when you've turned yourself in, dear.

Big surprise: Cliff takes Travis's car out for a total joyride, Nikki in tow. They are seriously just a handful of weapons away from a crime spree now! I can't wait. Cliff's disappointed that the ride didn't scuff up the car more than it did, so be busts a couple headlights on his own. Nikki's not-so-secretly thrilled at Cliff's simmering insanity, and then they dry hump right there in the middle of the desert. Getting closer, show.

Back at Johnny's, Greta shows up all tearful and distraught and confesses that the night before Eddie died, Greta slept with Cliff, and when Eddie found out, he killed himself. Johnny, hilariously, is like, "That's it?" Because even he knows it doesn't just end there. She blubbers some more about how she was scared to tell Johnny because of what he'd think of her. Johnny's all "the past is the past" about it, and then they get to dry-humping (and maybe more!) on the back patio.

Cliff returns home with the busted convertible and assures Travis he took real good care of it. Travis, of course, runs outside to see his poor tarnished car and he races back by the pool, tackles Cliff, and starts to choke him to death. Tess tries to pry Travis off, but she gets a backhand for her troubles. Travis continues choking until Tess fires her gun into the air. She makes the requisite "I'm from Texas" joke about why she has a gun, and she tells Travis that while she'll put up with a loser, a liar, a cheat, or a moron, she won't put up with a choker/abuser. ...Go Tess? Whatever, I'm too busy being happy to have the Sharon Lawrence I know and love on this show to care.

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Hidden Palms




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