High School Reunion
Episode 1

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Episode 1

They're shown walking back into the house with just enough of the slooooow video motion to sufficiently convey the fucked-up-edness of the situation. Nicole's voice-over: "Dan doesn't know the extent of how I felt about him. I don't kiss many people. I don't." Slooooowww walking. Dan: "She did say she had a crush on me. But I told her really clearly that I didn't want this to be, like, a pressure situation." Slower and slower still, Dan and Nicole walk The March Of The Fucked into the living room, where they join the rest of the classmates. "I'm really confused about the whole thing," Nicole says. "Maybe Dan is not the person I thought he was." Nicole looks around slooowwly. "I feel like I'm back in high school," she says. Slow Nicole. Slow.

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High School Reunion




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