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Rumors and compliments

Everyone goes upstairs. Nicole says, "I'm not going to stay." Natasha asks Summer, "Did you get an invitation?" Summer says something like, "Oh, I forgot what time the party was at." I might give her ten bucks for saying that. Nicole just stands there on the balcony looking sulky, and Maurice asks her if she's having a martini. "No," she says loudly. "I'm having issues here." Screw that -- I would have poured myself as many drinks as I could spill. In an interview, Patricia chimes in again with her Social Determinism theory that it's the "outgoing people" who are having a good time, and the shy, "not as popular, maybe less personable" people deserve their misery, and therefore don't merit any screen time beyond heavily edited sequences of them slouching around and lying dejectedly on beds and mopily trimming their leg hair. Or something like that. In an interview, Summer says that it was either naïve on Natasha and Patricia's part to exclude people from the party, or else they knew what would happen and didn't care. "Either way -- neither of those are all that cool," she says. "I think there's going to be a division because of that." Slow-motion footage of Natasha looking in Summer's direction: Bitch, step off. Slo-mo of Summer looking slowly back in Natasha's direction: Bitch said what?

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