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Rumors and compliments

Natasha and Dan Barbato lie around on the beach, murmuring about what a "genius" idea the cocktail party is. The camera makes a point of the showing how their intertwined hands play with a rubber band. Their love, it stretches, it snaps, it binds them together! Their love is like a ponytail! Or something. Maya says in an interview that she knew immediately that the guys-only party would cause a conflict with the rest of the girls. Cut to montage: Nicole! Summer! Amy! Sarah! They're pissed! Or maybe not! But they look pissed! Natasha tells Dan that Maya's not sure about the party. "She feels like it's mean to the girls. Which it is, but you know, like, whatever." Patricia says it's a great idea and adds, "You realize we're going to have a lot of haters because of it." Hater montage! Sarah! Summer! Nicole! Hating! Or maybe just getting something out of the fridge. But with hate!

Hall Passes materialize. Maya gets one for her and a classmate to spend the evening enjoying "some sushi, sake, and the sunset…" Does Hawaii have anything else to offer besides sunsets? Does everyone have really short-term memories and forget that that happens every night? My God. Maya reads the Hall Pass aloud. She knows how to pronounce "sake," but I kind of guessed she would, and so did the producers, I guess. Natasha and Dan B., and Patricia tell her she shouldn't worry about finding someone to ask. "You were the Homecoming Queen, sister," says Dan. Maya says in an interview that she really didn't have a dating life in high school, even though she was Homecoming Queen. Once again, the producers show that photo of Maya at the graduation ceremony that they hope you'll think was actually taken at her Homecoming Queen coronation. No, we don't know why she's shrieking with joy at her bouquet of roses, because every girl had them, and we all had to pay $12.95 for the damn things, and they fell apart three hours later.

Maya decides to ask Ben and write her invitation on an apple stuck on a fork. Well, that's cute. Then again, these are also people who throw parties in order to get compliments, so it could be another sign that they're all getting weirder. Need to get in the bathroom? Do an interpretive dance! Does someone want that last beer? Sacrifice a goat! Anyway, Ben says yes to the date.

Summer gets the other Hall Pass. She says in voice-over: "If it's my one shot out of the house, I'm going to make sure I'm going to have fun." She walks downstairs to the kitchen to show the others. The Hall Pass is "to spend an evening soaking up some local flavor and" -- let's all say it together now -- "the SUNSET." Everyone is waiting to see who she'll ask. She turns to Barbato and says, "I think maybe, Dan, if you'd like to go with me, we would have a lot of fun." Dan grins and says, "Are you serious?" Reaction shot from Natasha; her face says, "Bitch did not ask my Barbato out! Bitch did not!" Dan says he'd love to go. Maurice looks on and takes a loner-esque swig of his beer. In an interview he says, "I think Summer's asking Dan had a lot to do with ruffling Natasha's feathers." Natasha is interviewed saying that she was really surprised at Summer's decision. "Dan and I have been spending a lot of time together…I thought it was kinda clear that we liked each other?" Um, okay, shouldn't she also be surprised at Dan's decision? The guy could've told Summer he wouldn't feel right going on a third Hall Pass when half the guys there haven't been on any. He could have said, "Thanks for asking, but I've decided to spend the rest of my time here with Natasha." He could have said -- hmm, what's the word I'm thinking of? Oh, yeah -- "NO."

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